Aga Dabrowska

Aga is Brand Manager for GetResponse. She oversees the brand communication strategy and is responsible for creating marketing strategies for the growing GetResponse customer base. Follow her on Twitter @agidabrowska. 

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5 Tips for Building Your List Offline

Everyone’s on the move in the summer – and that means new opportunities for you to add contacts to your email list. It’s a great way for beginning marketers in particular to “get their feet wet” and find out what words or tactics entice people to sign up to their newsletter. Plus it’s FREE! For you “old pros”, we’re happy to gently remind you of a few basics. Read more

Use a Social Media Contest to Grow Your Email List

Contests – not only do they engage your audience in a friendly and fun activity, but they can deliver a bonanza of customer data and feedback you can use to improve your campaign ROI. And when you run your contests via your blog and social media channels, you minimize costs, maximize returns…  and increase the volume of your email list! Read more

Back to the Basics: Who is your target market?

Like it or not, there always comes a time when you need to advertise. Be it by email, newspapers, magazines, online, billboards, whatever channels you think might reach your audience. Then you just buy the media, craft the message and design, and there it is – your ad. What’s worrisome is that ads are usually expensive, but their effectiveness could be improved with some basic planning. So, back to the basics. Read more

Back to Basics

I keep hearing about Social Media Marketing. It’s on everyone’s lips, this new industry hype. Heck, when did ole’ good marketing evolve in a manner where it always needs to be “labeled” and categorized? Why even think about treating communication channels as competing platforms rather than as what they actually are – complementary ways to reach your audience? Read more