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How Social Media Can Destroy Your Image


Have you heard about the six degrees of separation theory by Frigyes Karinthy? It assumes that everyone in the world is connected to everyone else in the world by a chain of no more than six acquaintances. It’s been supported with many experiments, researches, and analyses. However, lots of things have changed since the early conceptions. Read more

Turn A Single Blog Post Topic Into 12


Years ago, magazines were published once or twice a month, and they contained serialized novels – a chapter or two in each edition. The goal of the publisher was obvious – people would buy the magazine to get that next chapter, so sales remained strong. This tactic is now becoming popular with bloggers for a number of reasons, not the least of which is to gain loyal readers/subscribers over a period of time. Read more

9 Tools to Optimize Your Best Marketing Asset: Your Brain


It’s an amazing time to be a marketer. Now more than ever before, we have access to tools, channels, and resources to achieve quantifiable and measurable results. The digital world is a blank canvas, and we have free reign to create anything. Just take a look at some today’s most creative digital marketing strategies (like Refinery29’s digital magazine or ModCloth’s community features). Read more