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Jack Price has written and edited copy for more than 500 business clients, including entrepreneurs, authors and innovative businesses. When not writing, Jack is an active classical trumpet player in the Richmond, Virginia area. Follow PriceWrite on Google-Plus.

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A Surefire Cure for Writer’s Block

Let me share a secret with you. Every writer gets an occasional case of writer’s block. The very thought of sitting down to write makes them break out in a cold sweat. If you write copy for your business, you may have experienced it too. Here are simple strategies for overcoming it.  Read more

How to Tell a Great Marketing Story

Copywriting and fiction writing are two completely different disciplines, having nothing to do with each other. True or false? Well, your credibility as a copywriter demands that you stick to the truth, whereas fiction is untrue by definition. And yet certain principles apply to both. Read more

“3 Little Words” That Build Business Relationships

It’s me — again! And I have a question for you. What do romance and business have in common? Let’s see . . . both involve building a relationship, both require courtship, and both require that someone, probably you, take the initiative. A relationship can blossom into romance with 3 little words: I love you. But do you know the 3 little words of business relationships? Here they are, revealed for the first time, right here on GetResponse blog… Read more

5 Email Tips for Do-It-Yourself Copywriters

A few years ago, readers were loyal to their newspaper. One reason was scarcity — often a town had only one newspaper. The same held true for early email newsletters. But today’s readers have options, and people won’t read poor content. Copywriting is a must-have skill. So let’s start with . . . Read more