Mack Gorski

Education Expert responsible for working with key customers on the European and American markets. Mack actively supports clients in planning GetResponse email marketing campaigns, conducts training and advises on legal and compliance regulations in email marketing.

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4 Effective Ways to Monetize Your Email List & Achieve Profitability

Email is still one of the most effective methods of reaching a targeted audience, whether you’re trying to sell products and services, build relationships, deliver info products, and more. Regardless of the direction that online media takes us and with the birth of a new, younger generation, email is always relevant and we will always need it for the near future. Our relationship with email is quite peculiar, in that it’s a possession that is guarded as private and personal space. There’s a lot of trust placed on messages we permit there. Through navigating this circle of trust, consumers are driven to spend billions yearly on businesses that offer value. Read more

Warning: Email Policy Change at Yahoo! May Affect You

Recently, Yahoo! announced a huge change that may affect how you communicate with your subscribers. All Yahoo! accounts whose holders haven’t logged in for the past 12 months are scheduled to be closed. How will this change impact email marketers? Here are some useful tips on how to continue delivering top notch newsletters without losing out on sales due to this change.

Read more

Life After Feedburner: The GetResponse Alternative

Have you already heard the rumor that Google is about to shut down FeedBurner? They’ve also just announced they’re shutting down Google Reader on July 1, which some call yet another nail to Feedburner’s coffin. Recently here at the GetResponse office, my colleagues were wondering where to move their feed. I’ll give you the same tip I gave them about how to prepare for the loss of FeedBurner. Read more

Why You Need to Get Personal in Email

I’ve got something I want to share with you. It’s one of the secret keys to deeper relationship with your subscribers. It’s not a very well-kept secret, but still… I don’t want just anyone to overhear it. So I’m going to take you away to a beautiful beach resort — just you and me, the sand and sea, and a lovely tropical breeze. Let’s get started. Read more

Deliver Your Gift Like Santa (and Download Our Holiday Guide!)

Have you ever wanted to be like a Santa —not only making presents and wrapping them up, but also delivering them seamlessly and surprising the recipient with the perfect gift? Email is the way to do it. And you’re about to learn how. You’re also about to get a gift from the Email Santa at GetResponse – a special guide with more holiday campaign inspiration, holiday wish templates and some cool graphics! Read more

Email Promos: Prepare your “Christmas Gift”

Are you ready with your Santa Emails? Some email marketers already posted their gift guides, but is it too early? To help you prepare for this year’s Christmas shopping fever, we’ve created a blog post series to guide you through each step and show you how to promote your business during this time in the year. To help you remember the advice, we used a “Christmas gift” theme. Let’s start with… preparing the contents. Read more