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Mac is GetResponse's Education Director and he's been in the email industry for over 5 years now. His main focus is helping Customers drive maximum conversions and optimize their email programs using industry best practices. He regularly writes for some of the top industry resources:,, MarketingProfs,, and others. Follow him on Twitter @maciej_ossowski

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Gmail just like Pinterest? Email revolution approaching…

What influences email open rates? Most of you will probably select email subject and recognizable from field as the main factors. It’s possible that soon you’ll have to add the email images to this list. Google is announcing beta tests of the new feature that will change the previously known Offers inbox layout into a Pinterest-like visual board.  Read more

10 Quick-Win Ideas for Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns (Part 1)

February 14 is a joyful date for lovers and marketers. While couples celebrate their feelings with gifts and intimate dinners, companies double their email volume and rake in billions in sales (approximately $17.3 billion this year). But when your competitors jump on the occasion and push sales, how can you stay afloat amid inbox clutter and set new records for email revenue? Here are 10 quick- win strategies for transforming your newsletter into a Valentine’s Day conversion machine! Read more

Preparing for the Post-Christmas Buying Rush

In the most-recent blog post of this series, we talked about how to boost sales using Christmas newsletters. From design inspiration to email promo ideas, we gave away our most successful tips and tricks on how to plan your Christmas email campaign. But if you think December 24th is the last day of 2012 to click the “Send“ button in your GetResponse account, you’ll definitely miss out on one of the busiest online shopping periods of the year. Read more

Case Study: 128% Open Ratio with GetResponse!

A couple of days ago we released our complete whitepaper with 10 fail-proof tips for achieving and maintaining the highest levels of email deliverability. Today we want to share with you a success story we’re very proud of: a GetResponse Customer who created this powerful combination of 99% deliverability, excellent list hygiene practices and engaging content. The results? A newsletter open ratio of 128%. Read more

Get Ready for QR Codes

Unless you’ve been offline for the last couple of months and avoided anything connected with marketing, you must’ve heard of QR (Quick Response) codes. They’re all over Mashable (click to see how they work), New York’s Central Park entertains visitors with them, and Calvin Klein Jeans has decided to replace the “old-school” billboards with scannable codes. Your email marketing can use QR codes to fuel lead generation, too, at no additional cost. Read more