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Mac is GetResponse's Education Director and he's been in the email industry for over 5 years now. His main focus is helping Customers drive maximum conversions and optimize their email programs using industry best practices. He regularly writes for some of the top industry resources:,, MarketingProfs,, and others. Follow him on Twitter @maciej_ossowski

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Increase Your Email’s Impact! Part 2: Header

Having discussed the email hors d’oeuvre in my last post, I would like to propose another course from the „Increase your email’s impact!” menu today: the header.

How do you plan this section effectively? Where does it belong on your email layout map? What does „above-the-fold” mean? Can header design have an impact on click-thru rates and ROI? Read more

Increase Your Email’s Impact! Part 1: Preheader

If you regularly skim through your junk folder, you must have noticed some patterns when it comes to the structure of emails that land there. Let’s face it – there’s a horde of marketers that decide to take the risky route and, instead of writing well-formatted HTML messages, they simply insert a one gigantic image and link it to their landing page. This not only runs counter to HTML and email design best practices, but it also guarantees a junk folder “final stop” in most cases.

Yes, marketers, even a great domain reputation and a top-notch team optimizing deliverability “round the clock will NOT help you if your HTML template violates spam rules.

That’s why we’ve decided to draw up a 4-part series of posts that will shed some more light on effective planning of your email message sections, in accordance with industry’s best practices.

Read more