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An economist by education. Video-editor, blogger, lover of all forms of motion images by profession and interest. At GetResponse, responsible for training and promotional film production. He is a content creator for

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Online Marketer’s A-B-Cs, Part #2

In part 1 of Online Marketer’s A-B-Cs you found out why Jacuzzi is an important element of a marketer’s world and how much humor means in good communication. Now enjoy part 2 of the alphabet – sorry if you’ve been too excited to sleep — and find out how dangerous the number of 42% is. Read more

Online Marketer’s A-B-C, Part #1

No matter what language you learn or what time of life you learn it – be it your native language or a foreign tongue, taught by parents or schoolteachers – you start with the alphabet. Your business communications need accurate language, too. So make sure you know all the letters of the online marketer’s alphabet!  Read more

How to Get Free Images For Your Blog

Where can you find high-quality pictures to use online, preferably for free? Some marketers make mistakes that could lead to situations that are… well, troublesome to say the least. Here are some of the pitfalls, and a handful of no-fault resources you can use without fear, guilt, or remorse. Read more