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Marya Jan is a content trainer and list building mentor for experts, coaches, and trainers. She helps solopreneurs attract their ideal audience from day 1 so they can sell more and make a bigger impact. Like her on Facbeook or follow her on Twitter @WritingH. She is very friendly.

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8 Types of Blog Content You Should Publish in 2016


Are you thinking of starting a business blog in 2016? Excellent idea! (If not, go here and read this blog post I wrote earlier and maybe you’ll change your mind.) Maybe, you already run a business blog but it is not getting the kind of traction you hoped it will. You try to post consistently but frankly, you are running out of things to talk about. Plus, your posts are not getting much engagement and you are wondering if you are choosing right topics in the first place. Well, I am here to help.

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9 Timeless Persuasion Techniques to Use in 2016


You click send on the email you spent hours writing, re-writing, and editing. You hit publish on the blog post that took you two days from start to finish. No, you don’t normally spend two days writing every single blog post but you did on this particular one. This is the most epic post you ever have created. And this doesn’t even include the time you spent researching. Read more