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Marya Jan is a blogging coach and trainer for small business owners. She is the creator of Get 500 Subscribers e-course and teaches Business Blogging short courses in real life. Don’t forget to grab her free 10-part Blogging for Business email course. Like her on Facebook, she is very friendly!

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Write an Ebook That Sells Itself (and Builds Your Email List) Part #1

Have you ever thought about writing an ebook? Not the free type which could be offered as your opt-in incentive – but the one that you write because you want to sell it. Not the one that you publish on Kindle for $2.99 but what you sell on your own site at $29 $47 or even $99. Possibly your first information product. I am sure you have. Most of us ponder this question at one point or another. Read more

The Complete Guide to Successful Business Blogging Pt. 1

Are you looking to start a business blog to promote and sell more of your programs, products and services? Or, perhaps you have already got one but it doesn’t bring you an iota of satisfaction to think about it. Worry not, I have compiled a complete guide on this subject which is sure to put your mind at ease and give you practical tips that you can implement today. Read more

23 Tips and Tricks to be a superstar blogger

Are you a new-ish blogger looking to attract more eyeballs to your blog?

Or, have you been blogging for a while but you are just about to throw in the towel?

Either way, I am going to give you some super short, ultra practical action tips that you can start implementing today and be on your way to becoming a superstar blogger. Read more