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Marya Jan is a blogging coach and trainer for small business owners. She is the creator of Get 500 Subscribers e-course and teaches Business Blogging short courses in real life. Don’t forget to grab her free 10-part Blogging for Business email course. Like her on Facebook, she is very friendly!

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Guest Posting 101: Receive Max ROI On Your Promotion

Guest posting. Guest blogging. Call it what you want, you have probably heard of it and already have an idea of what it looks like. You might have also heard certain people rave about it who built their entire businesses on the back of guest posting, or you might have listened to people grumble about why it is a big, huge waste of time and simply doesn’t work. Read more

Website 101: How to Give Your Website a Makeover

I want you to imagine that you are looking to hire a life coach. Specifically, someone who can help you sort out your relationship with your teenage daughter – a life coach specializing in family relationships. You might ask your closest friends if they can recommend someone, but you don’t want to ask publicly due to the sensitive nature of the topic. You don’t want people assuming you are a failure as a mom, or even a dad. Read more

Write an Ebook That Sells Itself (and Builds Your Email List) Part #1

Have you ever thought about writing an ebook? Not the free type which could be offered as your opt-in incentive – but the one that you write because you want to sell it. Not the one that you publish on Kindle for $2.99 but what you sell on your own site at $29 $47 or even $99. Possibly your first information product. I am sure you have. Most of us ponder this question at one point or another. Read more