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Pam Neely has been marketing online for 15 years. She's a serial entrepreneur and an avid email and content marketing enthusiast with a background in publishing and journalism, including a New York Press Award. Her book "50 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List" is available on Pam holds a Master's Degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University. Follow her on Twitter @pamellaneely.

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7 Most Common Landing Page Mistakes – And How to Fix Them


Want to know one of the fastest ways to boost results? It’s not getting a big budget increase. Or landing a partnership with an influencer. It’s improving your landing pages. The right landing page can spike results fast. Some landing page updates have resulted in a million dollars of extra sales. That’s right – $1 million dollars, all due to one simple landing page. Read more

The 10 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes We’ve Seen This Year


Do you like bloopers? You know – the outtakes of a movie or a TV show where you see the actors screw up? This week’s post is a bit like an email marketing blooper reel. These are some of the most common recurring mistakes I’ve come across in my inbox in the last year. There’s also a few examples of strategy mistakes and personal pet peeves mixed into the list.

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153 Ideas for Blog Posts


It’s planning season. As 2015 closes out and 2016 rushes in, most of us look ahead to schedules, goals and resolutions. If you’re fired up to do more with your blog this year, we’d like to offer you some fuel. These blog post ideas are designed to fit with any niche – from real estate or SEO, parenting or cross training.

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