Using LinkedIn Ads to Grow Your B2B Mailing List

If you’re not growing your email list as quickly as you would like, then you might want to consider taking the next step and trying some paid advertising. This will help you reach specific target audiences that you would like as subscribers. In this post, we’re going to look at the best advertising options for your email opt-in page. Read more

Use Contests to Chase Away The Post-Holiday Blues!


Everyone talks about the “crash” kids experience after the presents have been opened, but not many of us adults talk about the post-Holiday blues we experience. Let’s be honest…after you’ve taken down the decorations and scooped all the best sales, it gets boring pretty fast.  So why not perk everyone up with a contest or 2!! Read more

Get 10% off till tomorrow ONLY!


As you probably know GetResponse is celebrating its 10th anniversary by offering a special promotion to all new and existing clients. To take advantage of the discount, you need to purchase or upgrade a GetResponse account in the time allowed.

When we started the promotion, it was supposed to be valid only through November 30th, but bargain-hunting email marketers are still purchasing and upgrading accounts like crazy so we decided to extend it one more day!

So hurry…you have 24 EXTRA hours to sign up, then it’s over and regular pricing will apply! If you’re not sure how much time you have left, just check out the countdown clock on the GetResponse website. Remember, there’s only one day left to SAVE!

7 (more) email marketing tips to making your Holiday wishes come true!


Based on tips from our first Holiday “blogathon”, we ALL know now that targeting your Holiday email messages can increase open rates by 20% and almost double your CTR1 .  But have you thought about the BEST way to use targeting and list segmentation for the holidays?

Should we do targeting a little different on Holiday perhaps? It’s certainly a unique season in many ways…

Our answer is “yes” and here’s why. Everyone wants to connect in more personal ways this time of year, even at the subscriber-relationship level.  And many of us may be a bit tired or emotional as we plow through double the usual amount of promotional emails, until we just give up and execute the dreaded “select>all>delete’.  Our point is, again, take care to personalize your subject line, titles, greetings and salutations, etc. and target your messages, but in a way that is practical and helpful to each of your target profiles. Don’t send too many messages,  and avoid hype at all costs…rather be a valued shopping partner during this hectic holiday season. Here’s how:

Read more