How to Use Typography in Your Marketing Design

When it comes to design, online marketers used to leave that “mumbo jumbo” to graphic designers. However, there is a growing number of marketers who like to think of themselves as brave souls who don’t need any graphic designers because their knowledge and keen sense for the “design mumbo jumbo” is enough. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a brave soul! But it’s good to know your basics to make sure you improve your brand instead of hurting it. Read more

How to Use Color Psychology in Email Newsletters

So you’ve done the hard work, you’ve got your killer subject line. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s very clickable. You’re confident that people are going to open the email and see your newsletter, but now you have to make sure they read it. Yes, a lot of that’s down to having interesting content (and you’ve got that too) but you want to have that cutting edge that makes sure your readers want to examine every inch of the newsletter.

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Online Marketer’s Toolkit Pt. 1: Free Image Editors

We want to make your marketing campaigns more successful and your life easier, so we’ve prepared something special for you — our Online Marketer’s Toolkit — to introduce software, apps, and tips & tricks to help you achieve objectives in your New Year’s marketing resolutions. In part 1, we have 5 Photoshop alternatives to make your brand visuals look stunning at no cost. Enjoy!

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Video in Emails: Safe to Use and Oh So Effective

Video is one of the most powerful trends in Internet marketing today. Pair it with email, and you’ve got the potential for amazing results.

But despite the promise of video in email, many marketers have held back because of concerns over rendering and deliverability. Until recently, video couldn’t be viewed in most email clients. Fortunately, that has changed. Read more