Canada’s New Anti-Spam Act: What You Need to Know

On July 1st, 2014 we’re going to see a dramatic change when it comes to sending out emails to Canadian IP’s. That’s right, it is the inevitable coming of CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Act). Most businesses that advertise, sell, or get customers through emails are at the edge of their seats screaming bloody Mary. However, if you know your facts, you can prepare and calmly await the day that changes all.

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6 Tips to Avoid Your Subscriber’s Spam Folder

Did you know that almost 800 tests are run on each email to determine if they are spam? It’s almost a miracle that most, if not all, email misses the spam folder. Of course, they do say, “Don’t worry too much about specific rules within SpamAssassin. The rules catch spam. If your email isn’t spam, you shouldn’t be matching the rules. Even if you do hit an occasional rule, unless your email actually is spam, it shouldn’t score high enough to be a problem.” Read more

Unsubscribe magic

There are still email marketers who view the unsubscribe  link as necessary, but a totally scary part of email marketing. They want to keep it as far away from their readers as possible. They use old tricks like putting 50 spaces at the end of the email, or changing the background to match the font color. Read more

Those Forbidden SPAM words!


A couple of days ago we wrote about why recipients mark your messages as SPAM. We received some good feedback and since we agree that it’s an important subject – especially with the upcoming holiday “spammathon”, we decided to follow up with some more basics…

SPAM is a “four-letter word” that can make you furious when you don’t understand the reasons behind it, or give you a few sleepless nights before a big campaign. Now we’re pretty sure that you know the basic SPAM words such as “sex”, “drugs”, “Viagra” or “for free” and “no cost”. But there are many more words and phrases that can cause that your messages to be blocked by ISP SPAM filters, and the list grows longer every day!

So we decided to do our own research and discover the most common words and phrases you should avoid using in your title, subject line, and message content.
It’s not the entire SPAM list, of course, but at least it will highlight the “big offenders” so you can bookmark or print it out to make sure your email marketing campaigns avoid the “curse of SPAM!” and hit their targets every time!

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SPAM – Why Did They Do That?!!

Ever have the feeling that you’re doing everything right with your email marketing, but the “spam demons” are out to get you? Well, we’re here to demystify the issue and to remind us all why certain mundane practices are so important to avoiding the dreaded spam folder.

Let’s review the top 11 reasons (though not always reasonable) why recipients flag emails as spam. Hopefully, this will help you evaluate your subject lines, titles, email frequency, etc. before sending to determine if you’re getting too close to these “danger zones”.

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Check Out the New and Improved Editor!

At GetResponse, we love developing new tools and making existing features better/faster/easier for you! Well, we think you’re really going to like this “upgrade” to a very important messaging tool. So login to your GetResponse account and take the newly optimized Editor for a test drive.  It’s been streamlined and improved so creating messages in GetResponse will be much more efficient and enjoyable.

It features: brand new user-friendly icons to help both new and experienced users navigate quickly and efficiently, saving some time and stress. They are self-explanatory and communicate clearly what each icon represents and what it can do for your message. But these cool icons aren’t the only things we’ve changed in the GetResponse Editor. We’ve significantly improved the speed and removed all the little “speed bumps” that you told us slowed you down in the last version.

Our mission is to help you create better campaigns every time, and we sincerely hope this helps.