Interviews from the Email Evolution Conference 2013

While we’re collecting questions from you for the MarketingSherpa Email Summit, Jim Ducharme, GetResponse Community Director is busy interviewing email experts at the Email Evolution Conference in Miami Beach. Here are the first two interviews with Ken Magill and Derek Harding.


February is a good time to visit Miami – not only because of the weather 😉 but also because of the amount of email marketing knowledge circulating in the air. Jim Ducharme is visiting the Email Evolution Conference, absorbing that knowledge and exchanging ideas  with other experts that attend the event.

He’s already had the chance to talk to Ken Magill of the Magill Report and Derek Harding, CEO of Innovyx Inc. and we have it all on tape! Watch the videos below to learn about how to avoid the trap of conventional wisdom, how traditional PR is doing in the social era and why you should never buy email lists.

Enjoy and visit for more: