Online Marketer’s A-B-C, Part #1

No matter what language you learn or what time of life you learn it – be it your native language or a foreign tongue, taught by parents or schoolteachers – you start with the alphabet. Your business communications need accurate language, too. So make sure you know all the letters of the online marketer’s alphabet! 



A - Autoresponder


This software enables you to send automatic messages to your subscribers. All you have to do is plan a series of messages once, and they will be sent on any schedule you wish. Convenient and professional – what could be better?


B - blog


In the early days of the Web, this was a “private” diary. Now blogging is a modern medium that has become a viable competitor to traditional media and web portals. Bloggers aren’t anonymous anymore. Again and again, bloggers transform themselves into brands — definitely worth your marketing attention.


C - content marketing

Content Marketing

Nothing attracts readers like relevant information, whether we’re talking about infographics regarding selling through email, or a list of the most convenient tools for an email marketer.


Information like this has been and will be searched for. The more great content you generate, the larger the audience you’ll attract. You’re an expert in your industry. Why not share your knowledge and expertise with others on the Web?


D - dynamic content

Dynamic Content

You probably prefer to be addressed by name rather than by some impersonal phrase. “Hi, Marcin,” sounds better than “Hi,” doesn’t it? Subconsciously, we perceive personalized messages as better than generic messages.


E - email


This means of communication has existed since the very beginning of the Internet. At first, it was used for user-to-user communication within one computer network. But its growing popularity led to something extraordinary. Email generates results that are amazingly high, compared to the time and money invested.


F - Facebook


Some people say that if you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist – and many times they are referring to Facebook. For a long time now, Facebook hasn’t been just an online space for socializing, rather a place where companies meet the public in a less official manner. Is your business getting closer to its customers? If not – don’t wait any longer.


G - Google


I’m pretty sure there’s not a single person in the world that has ever been connected to Internet who doesn’t know what Google is. It’s a company that provides plenty of tools – starting with Gmail, Google Drive and Google Analytics. The last one, especially, is worth getting to know. It enables you to track the traffic on your website or blog without spending a single dollar.


H - Humor


Remember that your customers are people, just like you. Don’t let them position you as a boring source of dull info and unmemorable data. From time to time, let loose – start a fun contest or give them something funny. Is there anything more valuable than a smile?


I - Instagram


One picture is worth a thousand words. Mobile phone manufacturers must have heard this expression, since they equip every new smartphone with a built-in camera. We can take pictures anytime, anywhere. Why not use this to get customers more accustomed to your work environment or see your product from a different angle? Check out what the GetResponse Monster does while the team is working!




After a typical day of hard work, each and every online marketer deserves a relaxing bath in swirling bubbles. I repeat: each and every.


K - Conversion


Yes, we know it’s spelled with C, but (a) it’s pronounced like K, and (b) it’s so important it has to be mentioned in this alphabet!


Conversion happens when a user performs a particular action on a website, such as buying a product, placing an order, or submitting contact information. It’s the Holy Grail to online marketers. If your work makes conversion grow, you deserve applause (and going back to letter “J”).


That’s the first half of our alphabetic outline of marketing language — a language definitely worth studying if you want to move freely around the world of online marketing. If you think we should add or change a letter on this list, let us know – we’d love to develop our glossary with you, our readers!


  • Stephen W. Anderson

    A very interesting alphabet, I especially like the idea of the letter J, but truthfully I guess I could by using the letter H in writing on my letter B while I am using my letter J. :-)