JUST CREATE! Design An Email And Win $1000!

Submit a template and win!!! Great prizes and a jury panel of top experts – a lot of buzz and a lot of fun! GetResponse is calling all marketers, designers and SMB entrepreneurs to challenge their creativity in our Email Template Design Contest and compete for prizes worth $2000. Simply submit the newsletter that you designed in our new Email Creator and test your creativity, style and marketing power!

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Customer Spotlight: For the Love of Email

Online dating diva, Hadley Finch loves using email marketing to help others find a perfect match! She’s dedicated the last 12 years of her life to helping people negotiate the often intimidating world of online dating and has employed email marketing to build strong relationships with her customers as they search for their own perfect relationships. How has Hadley used email to give Cupid a little help? Read more

7 Ways to Add Oomph! To Your Subject Lines

Does your campaign need a little fresh air before the summer comes? But June’s round the corner, budget dollars are scarce, and you’re in an inspiration void. Solution? Start with the subject line! It’s at the forefront of your campaign and can make it skyrocket – or sink. It’s the easiest to modify, update and test. But at the same time, it’s tough to make it really stand out and attract. What are the recent trends in making emails stand out in a crowded inbox?

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Customer Spotlight: Michael Cheney

Today we are pointing the spotlight in the direction of internet marketer Michael Cheney who is celebrated as an example of self-made success by the internet marketing community. As you’ll read below, Michael has been a GetResponse customer almost as long at there has been a GetResponse! Read more