Top 5 Newsletter Templates in 2010

Most of us are not web designers or HTML editors, but with hundreds of newsletter templates from GetResponse, your customers will think you are! To make sure you’re “dressed to impress” in 2011, we’d like to share with you the most popular designs* used by our customers this year, and offer some tips on choosing the perfect one for your business. But first, our list. Drum roll please… Read more

Back to the Basics: Who is your target market?

Like it or not, there always comes a time when you need to advertise. Be it by email, newspapers, magazines, online, billboards, whatever channels you think might reach your audience. Then you just buy the media, craft the message and design, and there it is – your ad. What’s worrisome is that ads are usually expensive, but their effectiveness could be improved with some basic planning. So, back to the basics. Read more

Holiday promotion is here!

At GetResponse, we want to make your Holidays as pleasant and as profitable as we can. So we scratched our heads and huddled for hours to come up with something that everyone could use. As you can see…the answer was CASH! To celebrate this Holiday season and thank you for another successful year, we’ve just launched a special Holiday promotion.

Read more

Back to Basics

I keep hearing about Social Media Marketing. It’s on everyone’s lips, this new industry hype. Heck, when did ole’ good marketing evolve in a manner where it always needs to be “labeled” and categorized? Why even think about treating communication channels as competing platforms rather than as what they actually are – complementary ways to reach your audience? Read more