A visionary passes away…

Steve Jobs, one of Apple’s founders, passed away on Wednesday.


Today we’ve lost an amazing visionary who built world’s most successful company and created some of the most innovative and beautiful technology products. Through them, he touched lives of millions of people and, indeed, changed the world. Some he could predict the future, but really he was building it… and driving it.


For us at GetResponse, Steve has been a massive inspiration and a mentor. He taught us about design (or rather how things work), focus and innovation. When building our own products we often ask ourselves: “is this simple enough?”… “will it just work?”… “is this innovative enough?”… “do we really need this feature?”, and I will admit: “what would Steve do here?”.


He will be dearly missed, but his legacy will carry on through millions he affected.

¡GetResponse, Olé!

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