Spooky Halloween Templates – AVAILABLE now! by

Spooky times are coming so be prepared when you hear the sound of „trick or treats” coming from outside your door − anything can happen! To get you in the “spooky spirit”, we’ve prepared a few hair-rising templates you can use to invite co-workers or friends to your costume party, or surprise your customers with a Halloween message offering a special “treat” like a discount coupon, or even an online costume party!

So don’t waste time − get spooky today! Log in to your GetResponse account, find  the new templates category “Halloween”, and get your message or invite out today!

Please let us know how the Halloween templates category works for you. Any ideas or suggestions to make it better and spookier?  We’re always looking for new ways to help you succeed!

This year we decided to give you “treats” but next year it might be “tricks”…so beware!!!!

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  • Morgan Dunseith

    I have to say these templates are awesome. Thanks for sharing them in your blog post. I will be sure to pass this link to others.