Case Scenario: Autoresponders for Online Coaching

Automated messages are a great way to build a lasting relationship with your customers. Over the next weeks, we’ll be presenting you with some use case scenarios to show you their full potential. Of course, what you do with them in the end is entirely up to you and your imagination. :) But for now, let’s meet Bob Green who is looking for some career guidance online. Read more

10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Email Marketing Company

Almost daily I’m engaged via any number of channels by people given the lead to choose a new Email Service Provider. Sometimes they are seeking an ESP for a company which has never been involved in email marketing and sometimes they are considering a move from one to another. The best place to start is with the right questions for both internal stake holders and the companies you are considering as your partner. Here are 10 good questions to ask.

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How to avoid email marketing monologue

Do you like responding to emails? I’m sure some of you do with genuine pleasure. The rest consider it a chore. Encouraging responses to your marketing emails is a key factor in successful communication.

Still, a lot of marketers prefer a monologue and shy away from their subscribers’ questions and opinions.

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Tips on putting some spring in your campaigns

Spring is finally here! It’s the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe – and your email campaigns! Renew your template designs, subject lines, and messages with fresh ideas and approaches! Let the sun awaken your creativity and surprise recipients with some brand new graphics. A unique new image will certainly lead to more email engagement and more traffic to your website!  That’s exactly what audiences are waiting for!

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