Case Scenario: Autoresponders for Publishers and Bookstores

Being responsive and relevant is always a challenge. But for online publishers, bookstores and magazines it’s extremely important to provide the right offer at the right time to the right people. With Autoresponders 2.0 this task becomes fun and easy, and can help them quickly build a responsive and loyal audience. Find out some strategies to create timely and engaging email programs for your readers.

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Visualizing the Magic of Autoresponders 2.0

Occasionally what may seem like a little thing is what sets a product apart from all others. Sometimes it’s the feature designed for you to never give a second thought about, makes you love the product most. Such is the case with GetResponses AutoResponders 2.0 Visual Follow-up Interface. The VFI resembles a calendar and allows you to visually plan, deploy, monitor, track and optimize an automated campaign over days, weeks months and so on. Read more

“3 Little Words” That Build Business Relationships

It’s me — again! And I have a question for you. What do romance and business have in common? Let’s see . . . both involve building a relationship, both require courtship, and both require that someone, probably you, take the initiative. A relationship can blossom into romance with 3 little words: I love you. But do you know the 3 little words of business relationships? Here they are, revealed for the first time, right here on GetResponse blog… Read more

Case Scenario: Autoresponders for Daily Deals

For daily deal sites email has always been the primary means of communication. And they’re probably one of the few types of businesses where an email a day is acceptable by the subscribers (or even desirable, though tiring at times). For the sender the question is, with this kind of frequency and volume of emails, how can you optimize your email marketing while still keeping it interesting for the subscribers? Automation is the key. Read more

Case Scenario: Autoresponders for Online Coaching

Automated messages are a great way to build a lasting relationship with your customers. Over the next weeks, we’ll be presenting you with some use case scenarios to show you their full potential. Of course, what you do with them in the end is entirely up to you and your imagination. :) But for now, let’s meet Bob Green who is looking for some career guidance online. Read more

Webinar Recording: Autoresponders 2.0

We just broke our webinar record – yesterday’s Autoresponders 2.0 webinar was visited by 929 people from all over the world! That was really amazing (imagine the discussion on the chat!). Many thanks to everyone who attended. If you haven’t been able to join us or would like a replay, we have a recording for you. Enjoy! Read more

Autoresponders 2.0 Are Here [UPDATED]

So here we are, finally launching the brand-new Autoresponders 2.0. From now on, it’s easier than ever to automate your follow-up campaigns and manage one-to-one communication with your subscribers. Let’s walk you through the feature to see what’s changed and how you can put it to work for best results. Read more

Marketing Automation: The New Shape of Email [SNEAK PEEK]

Email relevancy and timing are key factors behind your campaign success. Providing recipients with exactly the right content at exactly the right time has always been the marketer’s utmost priority — yet so often missed. And now GetResponse has developed the technology to help you achieve it – effortlessly and effectively. New Autoresponders 2.0 (coming soon) will forever change how you do your marketing. Read more