20 Ways to Skyrocket Your Reader Engagement

Sometimes you publish a post and put all your heart and soul into it and it falls flat. Sometimes the opposite happens. Something goes viral and you had no idea this would happen. Readers, eh? Who knows what they like? What pleases them? What sort of content do they want to like, tweet, pin, or +1? Read more

Best Marketing Blogs to Add to Your RSS Feed

Marketing is all about merging the old ways with the ever changing trends. Whatever strategy you undertake, it is good to know what marketing experts say. If you google “marketing blogs” you will find an overwhelming amount of results, which is why I took it upon myself to sift through the best of the best and create a list of blogs that in my opinion, everyone should have in their RSS feed. Read more

How to Get Free Images For Your Blog

Where can you find high-quality pictures to use online, preferably for free? Some marketers make mistakes that could lead to situations that are… well, troublesome to say the least. Here are some of the pitfalls, and a handful of no-fault resources you can use without fear, guilt, or remorse. Read more

Blogging Tips: How to Find the Sweet Spot between Personal and Professional Communication

One of the biggest question businesses ask when blogging today is how to balance personal and professional communication. As a business on the web, you are always speaking…even if you are not saying a word. As a result, it’s vitally important that you know HOW to speak to your audience, especially on your blog, which is often the face of your brand. Read more

7 Blog Posts for Your To-Read List in 2014

Yes, we know, you probably made your New Year’s resolutions already, and we really appreciate that. We also hope you included reading more and opening up to the new arrivals of marketing trends for your company. If not, well – time to review your resolution list again, right after reading those 7 posts that will help you complete it. Read more