4 Must-Have Elements of an Effective Email

2013 brings new challenges for email marketers. The world’s gone mobile. We’re experimenting with HTML5 video in emails. But some things just don’t change. So apart from bringing you inspiring new content this year, we’d like to recall some of the evergreen email marketing posts we published in the past that still hold true —such as the basics of constructing an effective email. Read more

Email Promos: Prepare your “Christmas Gift”

Are you ready with your Santa Emails? Some email marketers already posted their gift guides, but is it too early? To help you prepare for this year’s Christmas shopping fever, we’ve created a blog post series to guide you through each step and show you how to promote your business during this time in the year. To help you remember the advice, we used a “Christmas gift” theme. Let’s start with… preparing the contents. Read more

Less is More in Email

Have you ever tried saying more with fewer words? Since studies show reducing the number of words in an email can actually increase your response rates, maybe it’s time to think about this when creating your next campaign.

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How to improve your CALL TO ACTION results

Often overlooked, taken for granted, and definitely not a “hot topic” – is this how you view your “Call to Action”? If you do, it’s high time to change your attitude! Why put all that time and effort into your campaign only to throw it away with a weak Call to Action?! By underestimating this feature’s “power to convert”, you’re missing opportunities to increase your website traffic − and your campaign revenues! This may surprise you, but a good CTA needs to do a lot more than “Click here”.

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