How to Get Your Emails Opened and Read – Infographic

The ultimate goal of email marketing activities is the same for everybody — to get recipients to react to your newsletters; first – to intrigue them with your subject line, so they open the message; second – to engage them, so they don’t close and delete it the very moment it’s open, rather (at least) scan it and ultimately follow the call to action. How? Our new infographic includes valuable tips. Read more

Can question selection improve your survey results? Check out these stats now!

Surveys are a great way to get information from customers to help you grow your business. They are like a net that catches all this fantastic data if – and only if – we ask the right questions in the right way. What does “right” look like?

We’d like to share the results of our latest study on surveys; in particular, how to create effective questions for your surveys. We think it will round out our recent discussion on surveys (see: Who knew surveys could be so easy!) and give you some solid data to help you get the most out of your customer research this year. So let’s begin!

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HTML messages improve your CTR!

The battle between HTML and plain text messages continues, but is it waning? And in whose favor? It’s true that HTML messages are much more eye-catching with professionally designed templates and gorgeous graphics and photos. And you can get more and better statistics using HTML. On the other hand, plain text emails can be opened in all email boxes and mobile devices. If you’re sending a really important message or financial statement, that’s a big plus! Read more