Warning: Email Policy Change at Yahoo! May Affect You

Recently, Yahoo! announced a huge change that may affect how you communicate with your subscribers. All Yahoo! accounts whose holders haven’t logged in for the past 12 months are scheduled to be closed. How will this change impact email marketers? Here are some useful tips on how to continue delivering top notch newsletters without losing out on sales due to this change.

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Deliver Your Gift Like Santa (and Download Our Holiday Guide!)

Have you ever wanted to be like a Santa —not only making presents and wrapping them up, but also delivering them seamlessly and surprising the recipient with the perfect gift? Email is the way to do it. And you’re about to learn how. You’re also about to get a gift from the Email Santa at GetResponse – a special guide with more holiday campaign inspiration, holiday wish templates and some cool graphics! Read more

Case Study: 128% Open Ratio with GetResponse!

A couple of days ago we released our complete whitepaper with 10 fail-proof tips for achieving and maintaining the highest levels of email deliverability. Today we want to share with you a success story we’re very proud of: a GetResponse Customer who created this powerful combination of 99% deliverability, excellent list hygiene practices and engaging content. The results? A newsletter open ratio of 128%. Read more

GetResponse’s Expert Appointed Fusion Marketing Experience Correspondent for EmailExpert.org

You know him from our blog and probably a few other places on the Internet. GetResponse’s own Maciej Ossowski has just been appointed the official correspondent for EmailExpert.org at this year’s Fusion Marketing Experience March 23rd in Brussels. He’ll be bringing all the latest social media and email marketing buzz to EmailExpert readers round the world, so bookmark the site, if you haven’t already! Read more

GetResponse Integrates Return Path for Optimized Deliverability

Deliverability is the lifeblood of every ESP and the cornerstone of our customers’ email marketing success. At GetResponse, we’ve always known that a truck load of fancy features isn’t worth a dime if our customers’ emails don’t reach their target inboxes. That’s why we’re constantly focused on maintaining top deliverability rates and strong ISP relationships. Read more