How Dynamic Content Takes Email Marketing to the Next Level

Clients and prospects are more than their email addresses. A savvy salesperson or business development individual would rarely approach two different prospects with the exact same pitch. By the same token, an effective email marketing campaign should never reach out to a wide variety of potential clients with a one-size-fits-all message. This is where dynamic content comes in. Read more

How to Push Your Subscribers’ Content Buttons

In today’s digital world, “content is king” is the mantra du jour. But it’s of little use to just push out content, content, content. It’s one thing to fill your email campaigns with content simply for content’s sake. It’s quite another challenge to include content that matches your subscribers’ needs. Read more

Email Promos: Prepare your “Christmas Gift”

Are you ready with your Santa Emails? Some email marketers already posted their gift guides, but is it too early? To help you prepare for this year’s Christmas shopping fever, we’ve created a blog post series to guide you through each step and show you how to promote your business during this time in the year. To help you remember the advice, we used a “Christmas gift” theme. Let’s start with… preparing the contents. Read more