Online Marketer’s Toolkit Pt. 1: Free Image Editors

We want to make your marketing campaigns more successful and your life easier, so we’ve prepared something special for you — our Online Marketer’s Toolkit — to introduce software, apps, and tips & tricks to help you achieve objectives in your New Year’s marketing resolutions. In part 1, we have 5 Photoshop alternatives to make your brand visuals look stunning at no cost. Enjoy!

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New Addition in Email Creator: Preheader

The preheader is a design element that helps you preserve a neat structure in your email. We’ve now added it to Email Creator as one of the Basic Blocks, to simplify the process of creating emails that convert. Now you just drag ‘n’ drop – and your preheader is right in place. Your newsletter gains a new quality – of being readable, consistent, and transparent in structure.

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Ideas from the Inbox: To GIF or Not to GIF?

Animated GIFs in emails are controversial, to say the least. Despite that, more and more companies are using them lately – at least that’s what I’ve noticed in my inbox. And more and more, they do it in a fun way, pleasant to the eye and actually making sense. Although that’s not always the case, which I’m going to show you (warning – toward the end of the post, you may get a severe migraine!) Read more

Email Creator 2.0 – Design Revolution Continues

Last year we launched the Email Creator — a great tool offering limitless creative possibilities and allowing marketers with no IT background to quickly create stunning, professional-looking email templates. And now we’ve gone to an even higher level, thanks to innovative technologies in web design and our developers’ creativity. Ladies and Gentlemen: Email Creator 2.0 is now available.

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3 Ways to Create Email Designs Like the Pros

Creating a professional email marketing campaign without giving any thought to effective design is like selling a beautiful three-story mansion and filling it with old, laminate cabinets and garage sale furnishings. You can get the buyers in the front door, but when they take a look around, they will leave faster than they came!

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