The Don’ts of Email Marketing

Working with various brands and industries we are witnesses to a lot of different approaches to email marketing on a daily basis. We may find some of these to be truly innovative and we gladly watch as they skyrocket the results of our clients that use them (of course we also share them with you on this very blog). However, we also see a number of accounts using so called marketing “tricks” that are supposed to increase the results, but often have the opposite effect. Read more

Tips & Gadgets for Great Online Video Marketing


Often posts about how small businesses can produce/use video content for email and online marketing focus on the editing software and video hosting services. That’s all well and good, but what about the hardware required? That’s the tougher nut to crack for many of us I think. So, I’d like to share a few tips and things I’ve learned about hardware and video production. Don’t worry, this will be a high level pass and I won’t bury you in specs or techno-babble. Read more

6 Email Marketing Spring Cleaning Tips

 Ah spring! It’s a pretty big deal up here in Canada where the running joke is that we only have two seasons: Ten months of winter and two months of road repair. It’s a time when I have to watch out for my wife sticking price tags on my valuable collection of stuff in the garage. It’s also a time to reassess and renew and a good time to revaluate your email marketing, too. What better way to remind you of that than turn “spring” into an acronym for email marketing? Read more

5 Tips on Handling Negative Comments in Online Marketing

You don’t have to like negative comments, but you will have to deal with them if you are involved in online marketing. The great thing about email or any other social channel is the bidirectional interaction. When someone is dissatisfied with your brand, you may feel that is also the bad thing about social media, but if you have the right perspective, that negative can be turned into a positive. Read more

5 Ways to Amaze with a Welcome Email

A welcome email is the most important email you will ever send. Probably the email with the highest open, click and conversion rates too. Not that strange, a welcome email arrives when the subscriber is literally asking for it. So it is a great opportunity for an email marketer to engage new subscribers and drive action.

A guest post by Jordie van RijnRead more

Dave Chaffey Shares Smart Insights on Email Marketing

Dave Chaffey is an acclaimed marketing author, speaker and teacher. His blog, Smart Insights delivers on the promise of its name with daily marketing insight. He enjoys sharing tips, tools and techniques on all things digital, but especially SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Site Design & Analytics! I’m thrilled he took the time to share his wisdom on email marketing with the GetResponse community! Read more