4 Deceptive Email Subject Lines That Will Kill Your Business

A few days ago I had a meeting with our Compliance team, and we studied Subject lines of GetResponse users who didn’t play by the book. Today I’d like to share with you some of these “brilliant” ideas for Subject lines that are guaranteed to kill your reputation, your deliverability and your email marketing account.

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5 Steps to Creating a Compelling Subject Line

We asked our Facebook fans what makes them want to open an email and the two most common answers were a trusted sender and a catchy subject line. While building trust requires continuous effort over time, writing can be improved much quicker. Since I’ve been planning posts on writing good email copy, why not start with subject lines to increase those open rates?! Read more

Back to the Basics – Easy ways to increase open rates

When subscribers receive your message, the real marketing begins. Success depends on whether they 1. open and read your message; 2. click through it; 3. respond to your call to action. So if your delivery rates are great, as with GetResponse, and your open rates are running at about 20% to 30%, you don’t have to worry as that’s considered about average. Of course, it varies by industry but the point is − you can always improve by paying attention to a few of the “basics”.
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