If you grew up watching the Transformers cartoons then I don’t have to explain to you who Grimlock is. If not then all you need to know is that he’s a member of the Dinobots who when transformed, resembles one of those giant car eating dinosaur robots from a monster truck event. What does a humongous transforming dinosaur robot have to say about email marketing? Just about anything he damn well wants to. Read more

Warrior Forum Live: We Love Internet Marketers and They Love Us

Remember the old saying about how misery loves company? Well, success loves company too and if you ever need proof of this, just pop by the Warrior Forum, an online community dedicated to supporting and encouraging the entrepreneur in us all. Each day thousands of people looking for an escape from the rat race frequent this forum looking for help and advice from others who’ve already established themselves as successful online marketers.

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Stepping Into the Email Marketing Ring With Ken Magill

What do you get when you interview email marketing’s favourite investigative reporter and self-described cantankerous curmudgeon? You get a no-holds barred opinion “octagon” on everything from online privacy to the good, bad and ugly of email marketing. Ken Magill even takes a couple of swings at your humble reporter — don’t worry I managed to duck just in time. Read more

5 Questions for Return Path CEO, Matt Blumberg

Matt Blumberg is the founder and CEO of Return Path, the world’s leading email reputation and scoring organization. Return Path’s mission is to help email marketers, ESPs and ISPs get the right messages to the right people. Matt also happens to be one of the nicest and most accessible CEO’s I know and so it wasn’t much of a surprise when I asked him for an interview and he readily agreed. Read more