Back to the Basics: Who is your target market?

Like it or not, there always comes a time when you need to advertise. Be it by email, newspapers, magazines, online, billboards, whatever channels you think might reach your audience. Then you just buy the media, craft the message and design, and there it is – your ad. What’s worrisome is that ads are usually expensive, but their effectiveness could be improved with some basic planning. So, back to the basics. Read more

Back to Basics

I keep hearing about Social Media Marketing. It’s on everyone’s lips, this new industry hype. Heck, when did ole’ good marketing evolve in a manner where it always needs to be “labeled” and categorized? Why even think about treating communication channels as competing platforms rather than as what they actually are – complementary ways to reach your audience? Read more

The From Field – Company, Name or…?

From fields?! Really? Sure, we know you use these every day, but we’d like to highlight some areas that may benefit from your attention. For example, did you know? According to a Jupiter Research study, nearly one-third (31%) of email marketers surveyed said their biggest challenges were blacklists and SPAM filters. In fact, the problem of legitimate email with “accurate” header information being stuck in filters (“false positives”) is getting worse.

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Who knew surveys could be so easy!

We thought we’d provide a refresher to remind us all just how easy it is to actually implement a free GetResponse survey!  What better way to find out what your customers are thinking, from product types, to pricing, even colors! And if you follow up on their feedback, they’ll respond more frequently to your offers, so it’s a win-win! Now let’s get started with your survey!

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Use Contests to Chase Away The Post-Holiday Blues!


Everyone talks about the “crash” kids experience after the presents have been opened, but not many of us adults talk about the post-Holiday blues we experience. Let’s be honest…after you’ve taken down the decorations and scooped all the best sales, it gets boring pretty fast.  So why not perk everyone up with a contest or 2!! Read more

Do personalized subject lines improve campaign results?! Check out these stats now!


We’re back with more stats! So far, we’ve provided data that shows that Video emails and Confirmed Opt-in improve your campaign results. This time around, we’re demonstrating how personalization can influence results in several different ways.

Though most agree that email personalization is a good thing, there are varying views on how and when to use it. Some encourage you to personalize all your messages, no matter who you are sending it to . There are also voices warning that personalized emails may look like SPAM and end up in junk folders. Read more