Twitter GIF’s Are Finally Here!

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) – the joy of Internet since 1987 has finally worked its way into our Twitter accounts, or has it? In reality what Twitter introduced was mp4′s with embedded HTML5 video tags. Now, most of us don’t really know what that means, but what you need to gather from that info is that these new moving images won’t slow down your feed or take long to load! Read more

Using Social Media to Supercharge Your Email Marketing

The world has become a smaller place, with technology connecting everyone around the world. Businesses are flocking to email marketing as an inexpensive (and highly profitable) way to reach outside their geographical area with product offers. So how can you stand out in the crowd? It’s easier than you think. Social media has become a must-have for email marketers.

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Current campaign information module

Many of you asked us to create a “current campaign information module” which would be noticeable while creating a newsletter or survey. It didn’t take long to figure out how handy that would be, so here you go!

Some of you may have noticed it already, if not, check it out.