5 Rules of Responding to Negative Comments in Social Media

I’m sure you’re doing all it takes to bring a smile on your customer’s face. But each and everyone of us has to deal with negative feedback from time to time. When it happens in social media, the situation goes a little tense – all your words are scrutinised by the Internet community and you never know how fast the issue will spread. I want to give you a few useful steps to guide you through any social media communication trouble. Read more

5 Tips on Handling Negative Comments in Online Marketing

You don’t have to like negative comments, but you will have to deal with them if you are involved in online marketing. The great thing about email or any other social channel is the bidirectional interaction. When someone is dissatisfied with your brand, you may feel that is also the bad thing about social media, but if you have the right perspective, that negative can be turned into a positive. Read more