Best Marketing Blogs to Add to Your RSS Feed

Marketing is all about merging the old ways with the ever changing trends. Whatever strategy you undertake, it is good to know what marketing experts say. If you google “marketing blogs” you will find an overwhelming amount of results, which is why I took it upon myself to sift through the best of the best and create a list of blogs that in my opinion, everyone should have in their RSS feed. Read more

Life After Feedburner: The GetResponse Alternative

Have you already heard the rumor that Google is about to shut down FeedBurner? They’ve also just announced they’re shutting down Google Reader on July 1, which some call yet another nail to Feedburner’s coffin. Recently here at the GetResponse office, my colleagues were wondering where to move their feed. I’ll give you the same tip I gave them about how to prepare for the loss of FeedBurner. Read more

Email, RSS or both?

Like most marketers, I am constantly trying to listen to the experts and absorb their opinions and advice. Nowadays, most leading blog authors have adopted email marketing and offer readers the opportunity to sign up for email updates using web forms. Does this mean they’ve replaced RSS with emails? It doesn’t, as they all still provide this option.

Read more