Deliver Your Gift Like Santa (and Download Our Holiday Guide!)

Have you ever wanted to be like a Santa —not only making presents and wrapping them up, but also delivering them seamlessly and surprising the recipient with the perfect gift? Email is the way to do it. And you’re about to learn how. You’re also about to get a gift from the Email Santa at GetResponse – a special guide with more holiday campaign inspiration, holiday wish templates and some cool graphics! Read more

Mobile Moms’ Shopping Power: Now $24 Trillion

According to data collected and reported by Mojiva, 97% of moms who own a tablet shopped online using the device last month. 62% use shopping apps, 46% took action after seeing an ad on their mobile, and they spent on average 6.1 hours per day on their smartphone. Their collective buying power is estimated at $24 trillion. That makes us mobile moms an ideal target for savvy email marketers.

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Marketing Automation, Now Within Reach

The modern model for successful marketing requires that you be present and active via all available communication channels while maintaining close, highly personal relationships with your customers and prospects. Add the requirement for top-quality marketing content, and you’ve got a challenge many fail to meet for a simple reason: lack of time and technology.

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Identifying Targets for Re-Engagement Campaigns

Would you ignore a potential customer if you already had permission to email them? Of course not! I’m talking about ignoring disengaged subscribers who frequently constitute more than half of all mailing lists. It’s high time to stop focusing ONLY on aggressive acquisition and look more closely at nurturing and re-engaging subscribers. Read more