5 Rules of Responding to Negative Comments in Social Media

I’m sure you’re doing all it takes to bring a smile on your customer’s face. But each and everyone of us has to deal with negative feedback from time to time. When it happens in social media, the situation goes a little tense – all your words are scrutinised by the Internet community and you never know how fast the issue will spread. I want to give you a few useful steps to guide you through any social media communication trouble. Read more

5 Ways to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular global service focused on professional networking and business promotion. It gives you a variety of ways to promote your company: by building a network of contacts, creating a company profile, participating in discussions on your own or others’ discussion groups or publishing your own articles (coming soon!). How to use all these possibilities to improve your brand’s presence on social media? That’s what you’re about to find out. Read more

5 Free Tools for Self-Made Social Media Managers [Online Marketer's Tool Kit]

I guess I don’t have to say this, but just to make sure – I will: social media is a web place to be for a business these days. Here’s a number of free, easy-to-use web tools that will save your day around the social: manage content, target adequate audiences, measure the effects of your activity and gather the important data you need to plan further activities. Read more

How Does EdgeRank Affect Facebook Fanpage? #Social Media Basics

Facebook EdgeRank – the magic power that chooses for you what content appears in your newsfeed. Every now and then, Mr Zuckerberg & Co. like to change this and that in their idea which posts should be displayed and which shouldn’t. What the latest changes mean for your company and social media activity? Here’s our short guide and become master of getting attention on Facebook. Read more