The power of surveys – customer-approved

As you might remember, last year we introduced the extremely useful (and free!) online survey feature. Browsing through GetResponse account results, we recently come across an astonishing 9.6% conversion rate from a survey conducted by one of our customers! What could we say except “Wow”!

The online survey

Online surveys are quick and efficient tools for finding out what customers and subscribers want so you can improve engagement. With GetResponse, you can place a link to your survey in a newsletter or a follow-up message, or publish the survey across the Internet, together with a sign-up form to collect new subscribers.

The long list of benefits includes:

  • Free market research of topics and trends,
  • Great way to measure how you’re doing,
  • Invaluable source of feedback on how to improve products, pricing and services, or what new products to introduce.

And all that before you actually start spending anything! What better way to track customer behavior than asking the customers themselves?

A case study

Vemma Europe (, a leader in health and wellness products distribution and a GetResponse customer, recently conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey was sent in the form of a questionnaire in 5 language versions to over 10,000 brand partners and customers. As the report shows, in only 4 days the response rate reached an impressive 9.6%! And that’s not just click- or open-rates, but the percentage that actually completed the 5-minute survey! And with GetResponse online survey tool, it literally took 5 minutes to create, too. Here’s a sneak preview:

This is what Hanna Kugiel, Vemma marketing coordinator, had to say:

GetResponse survey turned out to be a very useful tool. It helped us run the survey in 5 languages across 12 recipient groups. What we liked about the GetResponse survey option was that you could also run a test survey on a test group and check out your results before sending to all 10,000 recipients. That was the key to our success.”

What next?

Of course, the whole process doesn’t end with great conversion rates. That’s actually where the real work begins. The data collected by Vemma are now being analyzed to transform results into actions. This research can help create a more targeted, comprehensive marketing strategy.

Yes, online surveys are a great way to tailor future marketing to the needs of your customers. And that includes everything from product ideas, to choosing the most effective promotion channels, to improving customer service.

“Surveys give you the opportunity to get to know your clients’ preferences in no time. And believe me, customers want to share their opinions about your products, services or company. If you make it a five-minute survey (no more than 20 questions), you’ll be surprised by their responsiveness. Just like we were.”

Hanna Kugiel

With results like that, we’ll definitely be monitoring Vemma’s activities! If you have an interesting experience with online surveys, please share it with us. As usual, we’re really looking forward to your comments.

For more tips on the effective use of the GetResponse online surveys, check out our previous blog post.

  • Danielle Boitelle

    Indeed there’s only you way to get to know your client. That’s asking him…the feedback you ‘ll get is precious.