10 Quick-Win Ideas for Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns (Part 1)


February 14 is a joyful date for lovers and marketers. While couples celebrate their feelings with gifts and intimate dinners, companies double their email volume and rake in billions in sales (approximately $17.3 billion this year). But when your competitors jump on the occasion and push sales, how can you stay afloat amid inbox clutter and set new records for email revenue? Here are 10 quick- win strategies for transforming your newsletter into a Valentine’s Day conversion machine! Best of all? You can use most of these tactics for other occasions, too.

1. Make a promise and DELIVER.

Do you know one of the main reasons your customers don’t shop online before Valentine’s Day?

It’s not because they don’t love your offers, or because they feel your inventory is overpriced. They fear being LATE with a perfect gift for their significant other! Can you imagine running home with a box of chocolates on February 15? I bet you wouldn’t get many “conversions”, not to mention the increased “hard bounce rate”.

Make sure your Valentine’s Day newsletter makes a promise of timely delivery in:

  • The subject line,
  • An image in your email that reassures them you’ll be on time,
  • A footer that repeats the promise.
  • Once the sale is made, it’s all up to FedEx!
Valentine's Day offer - Coach

Newsletter from Coach, February 10, 2014


2. Use wish lists and gift guides.

Here’s a quick fact: your potential customers will visit only 1-3 retail sites before they purchase a Valentine’s Day gift this year.

Takeaway? Remove shopping obstacles and drop a hint about the ideal gift for their partner. Your newsletter prevents visitors from wandering around on your website, and perhaps sailing away to a competitor’s e-store.

Promote “wish list” ideas in your pre-Valentine’s Day emails, so subscribers can point their significant other to the right gift. You’ll reduce the number of returned items and become a trusted Valentine’s Day shopping advisor!

Valentine's Day offer - Tiffany's

Tiffany’s, February 9, 2014


Valentine's Day Newsletter with Gift Guide from MVMT

Valentine’s Day Newsletter with Gift Guide from MVMT


3. Create irresistible subject lines.

Like the holiday itself, your newsletter should be filled with love. Starting with your subject line, make it clear that your email is a special Valentine’s Day promo.

Here’s what to include in the subject line:

  • Use words like “perfect”, “ideal” and “gift” to accentuate the useful side of your newsletter. (You’ve got awesome gifts for their Valentine.)
  • Boost open rates by creating a sense of urgency, using expressions like “expires”, “ends soon”, “only” and “left.”
  • Use a heart symbol to make the subject line stand out from inbox clutter. (Learn how to do this with GetResponse Email Creator.)


Looking for inspiration? Check out these 5 great examples in major U.S. brands:

«Last-Minute Luxuries For Your Valentine», Coach

«Last day for free shipping on select Valentine’s Day gifts.» Harry & David

«❤ 2/14 ❤ is coming! Last day for free standard shipping» JC Penney

«V❤lentine’s Day Gifts For Her & Him» Saks Fifth Avenue Feb 6

«Travel Deals Are Better When You Share it with Someone» Alaska Airlines

And if you want to know more about the words you should use in your Valentine’s Day newsletter subject lines then check out this article – 18 Words to Skyrocket Your Email Open Rates.


4. Appeal to the right gender.

Can you guess how much time subscribers devote to reading your email? Only 2-5 seconds. And if you don’t appeal to them with a relevant offer, your newsletter may get deleted, marked as spam, or simply abandoned.

So use all the data you’ve gathered about your subscribers — and on Valentine’s Day, gender is the most important.

Use the all-new GetResponse Search Contacts feature to segment your email marketing list by males and females and create offers that appeal to each. Don’t waste their time by forcing them to browse irrelevant promos. They’re already busy enough with Valentine’s Day preparations. They need gifts — not for themselves, but for their significant other.

Valentine's Day offer: Saks 5th Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue, February 6, 2014


Gender-targeted CTA buttons from Asos

Gender-targeted CTA buttons from Asos


5. Tell a story and sell a dream.

Marketers often underestimate the power of email copywriting. Sure, fancy graphics highlight and sell your products. But the story is what can put your products in the right context and sell your subscribers the dream you offer..

A few sentences with a magical description of your Valentine’s Day promotion can have a bigger impact on sales than a discount or free shipping.

You’re selling a trip for two? Why not call it the “Ultimate Gift of Love”? Describe the candlelight dinners, romantic beaches, and emotions your subscribers can offer to their beloved during the getaway. This will create an irresistible image that encourages subscribers to click-thru to your website.

Valentine's Day offer - Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts, February 8, 2014


What to do next.

Don’t just stop there. You can make your Valentine’s Day newsletters even more compelling by appealing to one of your key segments (other than males and females). Check out this post to see how florists (but not only) can increase their sales using these 5 easy segmentation methods.

Looking for even more inspiring examples of Valentine’s Day newsletters? Part 2 of this article covers a whole new round of quick-win strategies for your email campaigns.

And if you’re ready to create irresistible emails for your V-day campaign, then jump right in and use one of our 500+ free newsletter templates!