10 Quick-Win Ideas for Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns (Part 2)


Valentine’s Day is almost here! And, as anticipation grows, so do the expectations of your subscribers. In my last blog post, I showed you five uncommon ideas to help your newsletter stand out in the Valentine’s Day inbox clutter. Today we’ll go through another round of quick-win strategies to increase opens, clicks, and sales.

1. Find out the gender of your subscribers.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Valentine’s Day (and some other holidays, too) is a perfect time to segment your list and customize separate emails for men and women. This simple tactic can increase your results dramatically, because your offer is more relevant and fits their actual needs.

But what if you don’t have this information?

No worries! This is a perfect opportunity for a tactic called “behavioral targeting”. It reveals the gender of subscribers based on offers and elements they click in the newsletter.

How to run the test?

Design an email with call-to-action buttons:

  • Gifts for her
  • Gifts for him

Send an email to your entire mailing list. Then use the Search Contacts feature to check the history of clicks and find out who’s interested in each category. This is a fairly easy way to profile your subscribers and create segments for use in future campaigns.

Dolce&Gabbana Valentine's Day newsletter

Dolce & Gabbana, 10 February 2014


Valentines Day Promo Offer from Real Madrid for her and him

Valentines Day Promo Offer from Real Madrid FC – for her and for him


2. Remind readers about gift cards.

Jewelry, a spa session, dinner for two, or a new dress? Men have the same dilemma each year when given the mission of finding a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Traditional gift cards and e-gift cards can be a lifesaver for those who can’t figure out their partner’s preferences.

According to Deloitte research, 43% of Americans purchase gift cards during holiday shopping. So why not promote them in your newsletters? This could be a perfect way to reach subscribers who prefer a “safe option” to a romantic Valentine’s Day surprise.

Promote your (e)gift cards in the newsletter footer. This way, subscribers who scroll through the entire email and don’t find anything relevant will stumble upon a Valentine’s Day “life preserver” that could save the day on February 14!

Victoria's Secret special newsletter

Victoria’s Secret, February 10, 2014


3. It’s all about giving.

Valentine’s Day is a unique time for giving gifts to those we care about and with whom we want to maintain great relationships. Doesn’t this sound like an ideal opportunity for customer-company connections?

Use Valentine’s Day to show your customers you really CARE about them and want to make them feel special.

There are many ways to achieve that with newsletters:

  • Promote free gift-wrapping.
  • Offer to add a personal message enclosed in an envelope.
  • Promote free shipping.
  • Give them the option to return gifts with no additional costs.
  • Promote a unique discount code.

If you jump on the occasion and use one of these ideas, your subscribers will appreciate the Valentine’s Day aura your newsletter creates and may be more inclined to buy gifts from you.

Revolve Clothing newsletter for Valentine's Day

Revolve Clothing, February 3, 2014


4. Design a one-of-a-kind email template.

Not many holidays have such a well-defined visual identity as Valentine’s Day… well… except Christmas. The color schemes (red, shades of pink, white) and special symbols make Valentine’s Day newsletters stand out from your usual emails.

Use a unique email template to leave no doubt that you’ve created a special Valentine’s Day promotion, and that your newsletter includes perfect gifts for their significant other.

Tip: The GetResponse design team has created Valentine’s Day templates you can use for free! Just log in to your account and go to Email Creator.

Johnnie Boden email newsletter

Johnnie Boden, February 11, 2014


5. Create the right context for your product.

It’s likely that you’re not selling anything that could be described as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. So it’s essential to create a promotion that places your products in the proper context for this holiday.

Product promotions using Valentine’s Day themes — love, relationships, and feelings — are key to increased sales and happy customers.

Want examples? Take a look at the newsletter below. Maybe airline tickets aren’t the most suitable gift for this occasion, but they tell a great story about planning a romantic getaway that fits the Valentine’s Day mood.

It’s all about putting your product in the right context, and Alaska Airlines did it well.

Alaska Airlines newsletter for that special someone

Alaska Airlines, January 28, 2014.


I hope we’ve inspired you to create a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day newsletter. If so, share your email designs in the comment section and let us know how they performed! And if you’re looking for ideas on how to segment your list before Valentine’s Day, this article definitely be of help.

And if you’re ready to create irresistible emails for your V-day campaign, then jump right in and use one of our 500+ free newsletter templates!