10 Steps to Seamless Inbox Delivery [INFOGRAPHIC]


A few weeks ago we published a free whitepaper that described ways to improve your inbox delivery. It was so popular that we decided our users might like a handier format, so we created a shorter version of the 10 steps that are absolutely essential to your deliverability success. Keep it handy and use when needed!






Did you know that according to recent research by MarketingSherpa, one in six emails will not reach its destination — i.e. the subscriber’s inbox? Those that don’t will have been blocked by a spam filter, making even the world’s most beautiful email template useless.


The good news is, this can be changed. And with our experience in providing +99% deliverability, we know how to change it.


Of course, we want you to know, too. So we came up with a “shortlist” of the essential steps and even decided to make it more “user-friendly”. An infographic seemed perfect.


Let’s face it — this will require some effort on your part. But you’ll soon see that the results are completely worth it. So make this infographic a checklist for avoiding deliverability issues.


If you want to learn more about how to improve deliverability and get to know detailed tactics, download our free deliverability success guide.


Oh, and let us know how you like it!

  • Mohanlal

    Very good info.

  • make honest money fast


    In step 9, how do I monitor my deliver-ability?

    Where can I go in my GetResponse account to learn how to do this?



  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Scott,

    Each step in the infographic, including step 9, is decribed in detail in our free whitepaper. You can download it here: http://www.getresponse.com/learning-center/white-papers/deliverability.html
    For everyday monitoring of your campaigns, including opens, clicks and bounces, go to the Statistics tab in your account – and choose Performance statistics (where you can also choose a daily or weekly report to be delivered to your inbox.)


  • Ian Belanger | Network Marketing Success

    Hi Karolina,

    Thanks for this info-graphic. Anything that helps get my emails delivered is welcome.

    Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Ian, glad you liked it, hope it helps! Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  • Hi Karolina,

    Thanks for sharing this information. It never occurred to me to just ask my subscribers to whitelist my email address to help increase delivery rate.

    Plus, this is one thing I can, and will implement right now.


  • Karolina,

    How does GetResponse handle bounced emails?

    Are they removed automatically from each campaign after several failed attempts?


  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Paul,
    It all depends on the reason of the bounce – our system automatically recognizes bounces and depending on the reason, it takes appropriate actions.
    For example if we recognize that the message bounced because the recipient’s address does not exist – we immediately remove such address from the list. If it’s because the recipient’s mailbox is full, we’re not removing such address from the list immediately, but if we notice more bounces for the same address, then we assume that it’s inactive and it’s being removed from the list.
    If we receive bounces because of a block – addresses are not being removed, but our deliverability team is notified about them so they can monitor the results and work on improving the delivery rates if necessary.

  • email archiving

    What are the risky words, beside obvious ones like viagra etc.? I believe that email is still very powerful marketing tool, if used in proper way.

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi, of course the risky words are all those you might expect to be related to spam (for some of them, visit one of our previous posts http://blog.getresponse.com/those-forbidden-spam-words.html). Apart from that, you should definitely avoid using all-caps words and too many exclamation marks – especially in the subject line. Also, too many words like “free”, “prize” or “bonus” etc. can prevent your newsletters from reaching the inbox, so watch out for them, too.

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