13 Reasons You’re in Luck with Email Marketing by Guest Blogger

Friggatriskaidekaphobia, now there’s a word that rolls right off the old tongue! That gargantuan word is the technical term for the fear of Friday the 13th. Theories abound as to the orgin of this unlucky day — everything from numerology to it being the unfortunate day of the crucifiction of Christ.


The truth seems to be that we aren’t really sure why it’s considered so unlucky and there’s apparently no evidence of it being thought of that way before the 19th century. If you are debating whether to get out of bed today, maybe you’ll find some good fortune with 13 reasons you’re in luck with email marketing.


  1. Flexible: No other social channel provides the kind of flexibility that email does. It can manage everything from relationships to transactions.
  2. Personalization: Email has the power of personalization. Done correctly, it’s the exact opposite of mass media.
  3. Measurable: Email marketing is measurable. You don’t have to ask people to tell you they heard the ad on such and such a channel just to find out if the advertising is working. GetResponse provides great analytic tools to show you how effective your campaigns are.
  4. Performance: It’s consistently one of the best marketing performers compared to other channels. Check out this 2011 survey from Focus.
  5. Relationships: It builds trust and brand loyalty with customers. Tell good stories, give good value and the result is a list of engaged and qualified leads.
  6. Targeted: Analytics and segmentation allow you to market to your customers based on their behaviour rather than guessing.
  7. Interactive: It is a direct and interactive one-to-one communication channel which also allows your customers to provide you with actionable feedback.
  8. Midas Touch: The ROI remains consistently strong with the DMA estimating in 2011 that for every one dollar spent, $40.56 is returned.
  9. Connected: It effectively connects all online channels and drives direct traffic to your landing pages, blog or even other social channels such as Facebook.
  10. Creative Freedom: Email marketing doesn’t constrain your creativity as do more traditional channels. You are not limited to 60 seconds or so many words as you are in broadcast or print.
  11. Higher Conversions: You have more power and more control over testing your marketing campaigns with email. If you have the right testing and segmenting tools (such as we offer at GetResponse) you can leverage that to further increase your marketing effectiveness and your conversions.
  12. Immediate: It’s a “now” marketing channel. You can quickly address issues or react and leverage current events for more relevance.
  13. Stickiness: It turns a “one-and-done” visitor into repeat business.


There you have it! 13 reasons to feel lucky about email marketing even on a supposedly unlucky day like Friday the 13th. What makes you feel lucky about being in email marketing? Leave us a comment!

My thanks to Mick Kitor, our affiliate program manager, for his input on this post!

  • Pat Volk

    Get Response is recommended by IMLobby, Anik Singal’s great new program.





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