2010 Summary


2010 is coming to an end and what a busy year it was! Since now is the time for looking back, summarizing, drawing conclusions AND putting together new plans, let’s rewind and take a quick look at the past twelve months.

We’ve picked what we thought were the most prominent GetResponse milestones of 2010, although things have been happening so quickly it’s hard to fit them all into one post. So here’s my take on the top dozen (or so 😉 ), in chronological order.

Audio in confirmation pages – February

The first major feature we introduced at the beginning of the year enables you to create confirmation emails with audio files and deliver personalized greetings or invitations to your subscribers. Just a reminder – you can upload audio files straight from your Multimedia Studio account or record them just before adding to your confirmation email. Everyone prefers to watch and listen than read, so try it!


New Web Archive – March

The web archive is a fully branded website with one-click access to your email promotions, articles and newsletters. Now you can create your very own virtual business card, resource library and product showcase – all in one. Place links to your branded site in every message and web form! As usual for GetResponse, no technical skills required.


March also brought a new Social Media sharing feature, which made it so much easier to share your newsletters across major social media sites – literally in seconds.

Today it’s simply considered a must-have… and you had it all year!

Email-To-Speech – April

We were really excited about his one (although we get excited about every launch :)). If you haven’t tried it yet, do! It will revolutionize the way audiences look at – or shall I say, listen to – email marketing. With the help of IVONA Text-To-Speech, subscribers can simply click to convert the plain text in your emails into high quality voice.  Now your messages can reach multitaskers, mobile audiences, and anyone with both hands busy! Talk about engaging and convenient!


Custom subject in confirmation emails – May

This was another really important personalization feature. Why? It allowed you to create a custom subject in every confirmation email to personalize it for each recipient or target audience. Remember, the more you personalize, the better your response rates.

WordPress plugin – May

    This integration (we quite like integrations here at GetResponse!) allows you to quickly and easily add a sign-up form to your blog’s sidebar – with no additional code. A simple yet powerful option for adding subscribers to your campaign.

    Summer came, and you might have thought it was time for a bit of vacation. The truth is, we were working hard to bring you all those major August launches!

    First, the Multimedia Power Promotion gave you up to 1GB storage space in your accounts. But that was just a prelude to the most important August launch…

      Web Form Builder – August

        This was a much-anticipated feature, and one we’re really proud of. The GetResponse Form Builder allows you to customize sign up forms to suit your unique needs and brand “look and feel”. You could change the fields and format to gather more relevant data and optimize the design to entice more website or blog visitors to sign up. A powerful list building tool.

        GetResponse Instant Search – September

          Nice functionality that allows you to search for text strings in your GetResponse account pages, making content more accessible and management much easier.

          Advanced Social Media Integration – September

            With this brand new GetResponse functionality, you could add multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts to your campaigns and automatically share your newsletters with your friends, fans and followers. A big step forward for Social Media Marketing (and everyone will agree this year belonged to Social Media).

            Advanced Segmentation – October

              Yes, we do like the word “advanced”. And this was something we knew all of you had been waiting for, making it one of the most important launches in 2010. Advanced Segmentation gave you options to send the right messages to the right people at the right time, making your email campaigns much more effective – and your sign up forms and surveys more productive. The feedback we’ve received so far tells us this has proven to be really useful, which is great news!

              Later in the month we rebuilt the panel in GetResponse for greater usability.

                In November, we went to ad:tech New York and launched GetResponse 360 – a comprehensive new suite of email marketing services for our corporate clients.

                  We wrapped up the year with yet another integration – this time with Joomla!, followed by a nice feature of unsubscribe surveys, PLUS a Holiday promotion and the launch

                  of the GetResponse Publisher Program.



                  Along the way, we attended lots of conferences and events where we learned a ton and made great new contacts.


                  Now we’re preparing for a really busy start to the New Year, so stay tuned! You may be surprised at what’s in store. 🙂

                  Most importantly, we’d like to thank you for the last 12 months with us and wish you all a happy and prosperous 2011!