3 Ways to Create Email Designs Like the Pros


Creating a professional email marketing campaign without giving any thought to effective design is like selling a beautiful three-story mansion and filling it with old, laminate cabinets and garage sale furnishings. You can get the buyers in the front door, but when they take a look around, they will leave faster than they came!

A guest post by Jenna Scaglione.


Wondering how to bring your current design skills to the next level right along with your profits?

Here are three email design best practices to take your emails from amateur to professional in no time!


1. Keep it Simple

Adding images is highly effective, but it doesn’t mean you should shove every cool graphic, image and header into one small space!

Why? Because your readers don’t have all day to decipher your emails. Once they see clutter, they will run the other way.

Whether your subscribers are busy moms, stressed-out entrepreneurs, or laid-back surfer dudes, most people are “on the go” and will not have a lot of patience, especially since they have hundreds of other emails to open and read.

Figure out the MAIN purpose for your email and give it to your readers as quickly as possible, without clutter!


2. Establish a Connection

Grab your readers’ interest right away! This is best accomplished with eye-catching images and interesting graphics. Use your images to draw your readers’ eyes to the important information.

Here’s the kicker…not just any images will do. You must evoke an emotion from your readers if you want them to take the next step.

How can you accomplish this?

Write down 5-10 traits that reflect the demographic, desires, and problems of the people you are targeting. For example, if one of your services is bridal spa treatments, you may write:

  • Brides from the ages of 25 – 45
  • Feminine colors
  • Under stress of wedding planning

The best way to connect with these brides is to use related images and headers, feminine, soothing colors and appropriate text that will speak to these specific issues and bring the reader to a place of connection with your brand.

Tip: Don’t let your email design veer too far away from your website design. Brand recognition is also important.


3. Stay Focused

Are you the quintessential multi-tasker? Do you wash the car, scrub the dog and hose down the deck, all in one fair swoop?  While this may help you accomplish your goals in life, it will destroy your email design.

What is the goal of your email? What actions do you want your readers to take?

If you came up with more than two answers, it’s time to streamline!

Concentrate on one or two desired actions at a time. If you want to accomplish more than one or two goals, create separate emails so each is focused.

Here are some examples for creative inspiration:







Now take these tips and apply them to your emails. With GetResponse’s new Email Creator, it’s as easy as point and click!

Have you created any new email designs? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned for more great email design tips to follow in the coming days. Happy designing!


Jenna is the owner of Lady Content, a unique “content makeover” service. She is a successful writer, internet marketer, and a lover of family, friends and life. She enjoys helping her clients boost their conversions and increase brand awareness on the internet through content writing and social media. If you want to connect with Jenna, follow her on Twitter @JennaLS.