4 Must-Have Elements of an Effective Email


2013 brings new challenges for email marketers. The world’s gone mobile. We’re experimenting with HTML5 video in emails. But some things just don’t change. So apart from bringing you inspiring new content this year, we’d like to recall some of the evergreen email marketing posts we published in the past that still hold true —such as the basics of constructing an effective email.


Creating an effective email is a task you should master at the very beginning of your email marketing journey.

Fortunately, some time ago we created a series packed with useful information and tips on structuring your emails. Check out the list of necessary elements your email should include – and make it your routine every time you create a new message.

Are you missing any of these?


1. Preheader

The snippet of text at the top of your email or a link to the online version – something your subscribers see first, sometimes even before they open the email. Most email clients display it right after the subject line. So treat it like an extra tool to convince your subscribers to open your email.

To see why you should create a preheader and how to do it, click the link below.

Increase Your Email’s Impact! Part 1: Preheader


2. Header

In other words, a great beginning to your email — something that captures your readers’ attention when they decide to open (and you don’t want to disappoint them after they’ve done that, do you?) An enticing message and eye-catching design are what you should be looking for here.

For some great tips on creating email headers, see the below link.

Increase Your Email’s Impact! Part 2: Header


3. Content & CTA

Or the real point of your message. Check out our previous post to see why selling isn’t done in emails, the role of a landing page, what to include in the body of your email, and how to construct a compelling call to action.

Increase Your Email’s Impact! Part 3: Content & CTA


4. Footer

Often neglected, it should never be underestimated.  The home of your legally needed company information and the not-to-be-forgotten unsubscribe link. What goes in the footer of an email? Check out Part 4 of the cycle.

Increase Your Email’s Impact! Part 4: Footer


Hope you find a lot of useful tips for your email marketing campaigns in these links. Would you add anything to the list of indispensable email elements in 2013? Let us know!

  • jim

    this should be titled “4 must have elements of an effective SPAM message.” this has nothing to do with the professional emails that myself and my colleagues send all day long.

  • I can say that email marketing is a must have marketing tactic that every treps should invest and this is because they can now receive and open their inbox anywhere, everywhere and anytime with the use of smartphones. I will surely introduce these tips to our email marketing team! Thanks.

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Thanks for reading Belinda, hope these help!