5 Critical Elements of Landing Pages that Convert


There are many important reasons why you should use Squeeze Landing Pages and Sales Landing Pages in your campaigns. We covered a lot of them in Landing Pages that Convert, a webinar that introduced our brand new GetResponse Landing Page Creator. In this post, I share useful tips on how to create a Landing Page.


Here are 5 top-priority Landing Page elements that get your visitors’ attention and optimize conversions.


1. The Main Headline

The most important part of the Landing Page, the main headline is the first clear message that informs your visitor what the content is all about.

Think of it as a sentence that provides the sense of the message and makes a claim that your product or service can help your business.

Make it clear and to the point, phrased it in a way that speaks to your visitor’s problem with a grounded solution. And make it big — visible from six feet or more.



2. Call to Action (CTA)

In addition to the big colorful button labeled “Sign up” or “Buy Now”, don’t forget to explain the benefits of your offer: what visitors get by signing up, what they are signing up for, how much it costs (if anything) and how often they will be contacted.

Remember that you have only a few seconds to focus the visitor’s attention on the right elements and motivate them to perform the actions. So don’t waste their time; use these elements to the fullest.




3. Purpose of the Landing Page

Purpose is virtually one of the most important things to review while planning your Landing Page. And I say “virtually” because one element isn’t really more important than any other.

What’s important is the “big idea” of your Squeeze Page or Sales Page — the Landing Page strategy you choose in order to acquire subscribers or sell products and services.

Make sure all the elements work together to communicate your message clearly. Set a limit on the number of different elements or sections, to avoid distracting your visitors.


4. Interactivity

As we mentioned, make the main section of your Landing Page content short and concise.

You may be wondering, “What if I can’t describe all of the benefits in just 3 lines?”

Solution: interact with your visitors. Place buttons or links (such as “Learn more” or “Read more”) next to your paragraphs. That way, your content is distilled into smaller chunks, while more detailed information is easily accessible.


5. Privacy Policy and Security

Lead-generation pages, special offers and promos should include a privacy policy or some kind of security statement.



This is the main element that makes visitors trust you. In fact, many web surfers first look for this before they browse the rest of the content, to make sure it’s legit.

If you want them to buy or sign up, assure them that they are safe. Place a link to these policy pages and include logos of your partners, organizations and customer testimonials.



Ok, now you’re ready. So go ahead and create your first Landing Page. Or review those you already published to see how you can tweak them for better conversion! And of course, share them with us. 🙂