5 Fab Follow-Up (“Drip”) Campaign Ideas


Follow-ups or “drip campaigns” are extremely powerful email marketing tactics. Key to nurturing a strong relationship with your subscribers, they help keep your list healthy and responsive. Here are five great ways to use follow-ups in your email marketing campaigns!


Follow-ups 101

If you’d like to learn more about follow-ups basics, check out this recording of a webinar we did on follow-ups 101.



You can tie-in follow-ups for marketing with just about any special event big or small. If the event or occasion is relevant to your subscribers then with a little creative thought, you can use it to direct their attention to a great offer and convert them.

From the Olympics to National Kazoo Day, there are lots of special and just plain odd stuff you can use to generate attention.  Here’s a great site for tracking what special days are coming up and don’t forget about our promo calendar. All it takes is just a little imagination and a sense of fun.



It’s obvious why automated follow-ups are good for reminders. For example, as a garden center you might want to send out planting time reminders or you could remind people of special holidays or events which are related to your product or service.




The great thing about tips is that they can be focused directly on your product or alternatively in a more general sense on your target demographic. Offer a time-saving recipe connected with a time of year or even some trick to get a few more kilometres per liter out of your car during summer road-trip season.

Product or service specific tips can help people get more out of your brand and add value to their day.



You can suggest anything from picnics in summer to snow shoeing in winter. Or how about giving suggestions to people for themed party tie-ins over the course of the year? You always want to bring this back somehow to your brand, but it doesn’t always have to be only about that.



Depending on your product or service you can suggest projects or challenges to people. Again you’re limited only by your creativity and your knowledge of your subscriber demographic.

A challenge can be as simple as sending out a follow-up encouraging people to get out of the house and be active or could be as complex as challenging people with some task relating to a special condition or situation.

For example, challenge subscribers to help your corporate charity with a seasonal fund raising drive and at the same time, demonstrate your brand’s social consciousness.


Follow-ups are Relationship Maintenance

As we mentioned in our webinar, follow-ups are relationship maintenance – they are one of those little things which much like the touch of a hand or a warm smile, can keep a relationship healthy. If you put some good thought initially into your follow-up strategy, it won’t only be easy to maintain and revise, but it can help generate an even better ROI on your email marketing efforts.


Got any great follow-up tips to share? Leave a comment!