5 Facebook Updates You Shouldn’t Miss: Overview


Despite the fact that Facebook has reached a leading position in the social, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg’s team is not fond of standing still and continues to awe us with new developments. Here are 5 latest Facebook updates you definitely should know all about.


Facebook Update 1: Fanpage layout design

On the 10th of March, Facebook announced that it will be slowly implementing new changes to the layout design of their fanpages for personal computers and desktops. The idea behind this update is to make it easier, for both page administrators and regular users, to access the most frequently used information and features.

new Facebook fanpage layout

Img. 1 – The new Facebook for Business layout. Source: Facebook.com

As you can see from the above fanpage example prepared by Facebook, there is a number of important changes you should be prepared for.

First of all, posts published by your brand will now be presented in a single column to the right-hand side of the screen. This should improve the user experience and make the navigation easier when accessing your page, as it will now be more in-line with the newsfeed layout they have seen for some time now.

On the other hand, the column to the left shows your company details such as location with a map, opening hours, phone number, website URL or photos and videos you’ve added to your profile.

To make things even more convenient, no matter which fanpage section you are currently reading, you will always see the information regarding the ads you are running, new page likes or missed notifications and messages. They’re all visible at the top right of the screen.

Last but not least, at the very top of your screen you will get the access to your page settings, activities and insights. Soon, you will also find a new feature that lets you add other similar pages you may want to compare yourself to. This way you can now follow your competition more closely and analyze the trends at ease.

Important: The upcoming Facebook layout update includes a small change to the way the text and images are set up on the page. Make sure that you will take them into consideration when working on your own page design:

  • The profile picture of your page will now be moved upwards by 35 pixels, towards the cover photo,
  • The name of your page will now be presented over the cover photo,
  • Buttons such as “update info”, “activity log” or “like” will also be presented over the cover photo.

Below, you’ll find the suggested image sizes to help you ensure that your page looks amazing. If you choose images of different sizes than the ones mentioned, you’re risking that they will be stretched and look undesirable.

  • Profile image: 180 x 180 px
  • Cover photo: 1702 x 630 px
Facebook fanpage layout changes

Img. 2 Facebook fanpage layout changes. Source: Copypress.com

Facebook Update 2: Call-to-action buttons

Facebook has recently added new CTA buttons both for sponsored ads as well as organic posts. Thanks to these, brands can now communicate and convert better. Whether it is a sale or a newsletter sign up, these buttons may become a major change that you should use to your own benefit.

From the information we have gathered so far, there are a number of buttons already functioning such as:

  • Show Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now
  • Download

There were also rumors about other buttons (e.g. Install now, Watch video, Call, Use Mobile App, etc.), however these remain to be yet unconfirmed.

Important: We will soon explain to you in detail how to use these buttons in your own posts, so stay tuned for the second part of this post!


Facebook Update 3: Events

Facebook users have also noticed changes to the events page layout. Unlike the previous update, this one has been implemented both for mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

From what we have been able to see up until now, the changes are only visual and page administrators don’t have to modify their practices. This could be due to the fact that there were still no official announcements regarding these changes and perhaps it’s only a test that’s being run on a small sample of Facebook users.

It looks interesting and in-line with all the other changes, but it’s yet to be seen whether new features or solutions will be added with this development. The important thing we noticed so far is the newly added “Copy Event” button, which will now make it even quicker for the page administrators to replicate past events.  Thanks for saving us some time, Mark!

New Events layout

Img. 3 New Events layout

New Events Copy Event feature

Img. 4 New Events Copy Event feature

Facebook Update 4: Authors

In February, Facebook added a new feature that allows page admins to see who posted each particular update and have more control over the brands communicate themselves with their audiences.

Although this may not seem like a major change, this should help brands to locate potential weak links in their communication strategies and find the person responsible for a mistake. In case one of the administrators gets hacked and starts to flood the timeline with undesirable posts, it should be now easier to find which account has been the reason for all the trouble and act quicker.

On top of that, some rumors have also been spread that Facebook users will now get to see the page admins names for each particular page. This may not seem like a big deal, but perhaps some of us will not want to have their names next to a particular page or brands may not want to have the names of people responsible for their communication to be visible.

Unfortunately, this news has not been confirmed yet, so we still have to wait and observe the upcoming developments.

Authors' names on Facebook posts

Img. 5 Authors’ names on Facebook posts

Facebook Update 5: Newsfeed

After many trials and errors, Facebook’s team decided to make another change to their Newsfeed layout.

The new changes seem to be mainly cosmetic, aiming at promoting quality content and making it easier to find one. However, it appears that Facebook is also playing around with a new algorithm that will decide which posts appear to which users.

One aspect of these changes is particularly useful for the slightly inexperienced users. All of the posts published by a user or a fanpage will now appear both in the newsfeed and their own page. This way, you no longer have to go searching through the activity log to find your posts and edit in case something undesirable appeared.

Important: It’s been reported that a new functionality is being tested allowing the users to access “unread stories” from their friends and brands they follow. This may be just another test, however if confirmed, it may have a positive impact on the reach of your future posts.

New Facebook Newsfeed

Img. 6 New Facebook Newsfeed. Source: Techcrunch.com

As you can see, although Facebook is pretty much dominating the social networking market, it does not stand still and keeps on testing new interesting features. As we do like developments, we’ll make sure to keep you updated about any new tests or implementations and show you how to use them to the fullest!