5 Ways Our Social Analytic Tools Can Help You


When it comes to using social media for marketing, it’s more about the listening than it is the talking. It’s been said many times that social media is not a megaphone. The old model of push marketing is being replaced by the pull marketing model which in contrast to most traditional media is an interactive approach.


This new reality means there can be a lot more time and effort involved in doing it right. In fact, I hear from a lot of online marketers that they just don’t have the time to cover all the channels and get their message out.

Our social sharing analytics tool is like a fish finder for social media. You see the echoes and action that your content is generating. Before this, you were fishing with rocks – toss them in and hope to knock something on the head. Now you’ve got a visual on what your subscribers think is so interesting that they just have to share it.

You’re able to see total shares on the different social channels such as likes, tweets and pins. Sharing your newsletter on your FB page will allow you to see who liked it and what comments they made.

This gives you much bigger ears and reduces your listening effort as well. With GetResponse social analytic tools, you know where to focus more of your time to build that buzz and more importantly those relationships.



5 ways the new GetResponse social sharing analytics can help you:


1. Optimize your content for better sharing and exposure

You’ll see what’s being shared, how often and across how many channels. This will give you an idea of what content is working on what channel and should help you fine tune your content for the channels you want to target most.


2. Avoid the time sucking black hole of some social media channels

I’ve heard people single out every channel there is as their personal time vampire. Social media has a multitude of ways to interact which will suit and possibly addict just about anyone. My drug of choice is Twitter and forums and I have to watch myself carefully to be sure I don’t spend too much on either. When you’re able to see what channels are working and what channels aren’t you’re more likely to apportion your time better. You may decide to focus on the channels which are working for you or you may choose to invest more time trying to make those which aren’t work better.  Either way, you’ll see how your efforts are paying off and you’ll work smarter and not harder.


3. Know where to engage people

Marketers want all the social media channels to work equally well for them, but there’s no point fishing where the fish aren’t. While you’ll want to try and figure out how to better penetrate those less responsive channels, you only have so many hours in a day.  So knowing where the hottest discussions are happening will help you better manage your efforts with directly engaging clients and leads.


4. Plan your strategy better

Not every promotion will work great on every channel. Seeing how well your email marketing campaign worked across multiple social channels can help you not just tactically, but strategically. You may decide to try and go for that Holy Grail approach which will span the most channels or you may elect to try different approaches tuned for one channel.


5. Demonstrate value to stake holders

I probably should have put this one first because one thing I hear from people often is that it’s hard to demonstrate the value of social media channels to management. For years, email has been one of the most measurable advertising channels in history and now, with our new social analytic tools, you can show the “powers that be” how well the other social channels are working with your email marketing.


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