50 Google+ Accounts Every Marketer Should Follow


Google+ has a reputation for struggling to keep up with the other major social media platforms. However, at the moment it seems to be firmly holding its place. Social Media Examiner’s just published 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report ranks Google+ just ahead of YouTube and Pinterest in terms of adoption. It crushes Instagram, and leaves platforms like SlideShare, Vine, and Snapchat in the dust. 


Things may get even better. That same report says half the marketers surveyed plan to increase their activities of Big G’s social platform this coming year.


From the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report published by Social Media Examiner. 3,700 marketers participated in the report’s research

We’ve done a few posts about Google+ over the last year or so. One of those posts was for people who had no Google+ presence, but wanted to at least gain a footing on the platform. Another post by Marya Jan expanded on that first installment by giving a clear 30-item to do list for expanding your presence, weaving Google+ into your other marketing efforts, and getting better results.

This post takes you another step deeper into Google+. It’s common on social media to get totally focused on getting your profile looking right, getting your posts looking good and building your platform. Many businesses get so focused on those tasks (which are very important, no doubt) that they forget to really participate.

Namely, they forget to follow anyone else. This is a huge missed opportunity, and a tad bit anti-social. So we thought it would help to get mingling by showing you about fifty different people to follow.  This list is skewed to affiliates, but if you’re a small local business, a solopreneur, a retailer or a SAAS company, there are some worthy people to follow in this list too. We’ve made notes on which people are appropriate for different kinds of marketers.

So without further ado, here are 50 Google+ accounts to follow, whether you’re in affiliate marketing or any other kind of digital marketing:


1) Guy Kawasaki

6,922,214 followers, for any marketer.

Guy Kawasaki has had as long and illustrious a career in marketing as anyone could hope for. It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of him. He’s a huge fan of Google+.


2) Mari Smith

236,963 followers, for any marketer who’s on social media.

Mari might well be the Queen of Facebook. If not, I don’t know who could be. She’s also endlessly knowledgeable about anything to do with social media or marketing.


3) Seth Godin

143,135 followers, for any marketer

Seth is a thought leader with a long list of best-sellers to his credit. He’s also a blogger and one of the most interesting social media practioners. Unfortunately, he hasn’t published a post on Google+ in over a year. I’m including him here anyway, simply because, well, he’s Seth Godin.


4) Chris Brogan

132,433 followers, for any marketer

Chris Brogan obviously has a huge Google+ presence, and a similarly influential voice across other social media platforms. But he’s also a big advocate of email marketing.


5) Ann Smarty

48,523 followers, for bloggers or anyone who wants more traffic

Ann is the founder of MyBlogU.com and MyBlogGuest.com. If you’re a blogger or just blog occasionally, you should be familiar with her work.


6) Ana Hoffman

35,070 followers, for any marketer

Anna knows a ton about SEO, Google+ and many other social media platforms. She also sends a helpful weekly roundup of what’s happened online in the last week.


7) Kristi Hines

33,152 followers, for bloggers, anyone who wants more traffic, and affiliates

Kristi Hines is one of the best bloggers anywhere. She’s an expert on SEO and can write about pretty much anything related to social media or Internet marketing with complete authority.


8) Neil Patel

31,082 followers, for affiliates or any marketer

Read and follow Neil if you want more traffic or more influence or more followers. Or just more returns from your efforts online.


9) Jay Baer

30,457 followers, for social media marketers and B2B or brand marketers

Jay Baer is a thought-leader and author, a social media expert of the first rate… and a vocal advocate of email marketing.


10) Lewis Howes

30,137 followers, for marketers who want inspiration and high-level marketing ideas

Lewis is the founder of The School of Greatness. He’s got a large, very loyal following on Google+ and elsewhere.


11) Amy Porterfield

22,974 followers, for anyone on Facebook

Amy’s expertise is on Facebook, but she’s more than marketer enough to have extremely valueable things to say about anything related to promoting online.


12) Jeff Bullas

21,716 followers, for affiliates, bloggers, and any other marketer

Jeff launched and runs one of the best Internet marketing blogs.


13) Pat Flynn

21,400 followers, for affiliates

Pay Flynn is all affiliate marketing. He’s a bit of a rockstar at it.


14) Ryan Deiss

19,956 followers for affiliates and information marketers

Ryan uses email heavily, but he also knows his way around social media and SEO, too. If you’re even thinking about doing any kind of information marketing, study his work.


15) Derek Halpern

18,916 followers, for any marketer, but especially good for solopreneurs and solo professionals

The ever-bold Derek Halpern makes fantastic marketing and marketing psychology videos. He’s also a list-building and blog-building expert.


16) Wade Harman

18,687 followers, for anyone on Google+

Wade’s expertise is Google+, so he’s a must-follow even though he appears to be quiet on the platform recently while he finishes a book. Just the animation on his Google+ page alone is worth the visit.


17) John Chow

12,196 followers, for affiliates

John is a titan of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, he hasn’t updated his Google+ page in several months. But I included Seth Godin “because he’s Seth Godin.” John Chow is big enough in affiliate marketing to give him the same pass.


18) Shawn Collins

11,845 followers, for affiliates

Shawn makes the annual Affiliate Summit happen.


19) Melonie Dodaro

11,669 followers, for anyone on LinkedIn

Melonie is a LinkedIn expert, but her Google+ page is a really nice example of how to do this platform right.


20) Michael Dunlop

11,568 followers, for affiliates

Michael owns the affiliate training site IncomeDiary.com.


21) DJ Waldow


DJ is an email marketing guy (he did a webinar for GetResponse) who also has a large following on Google+.


22) Jon Morrow

10,472 followers, for anyone who blogs

Joh Morrow is from Copyblogger, but this is his own account. He’s somewhat on his own now, running one of the better blogs on blogging. Sadly, he’s another example of a marketer with a large following on Google+ who hasn’t updated his page in months. Still, it’s worth the follow.


23) Missy Ward

9,739 followers, for affiliates

Missy is also part of Affiliate Summit. She also has a very popular affiliate marketing blog.


24) Aaron Lee

9,718 followers, for affiliates


25) Kerry Butters

8,913 followers, for any marketer

Our own Kerry Butters writes about anything related to Internet marketing.


26) Francisco Rosales

7,696 followers, for social media marketers

Francisco is one of those smart social media marketers who figured out fast email is where the money is. He has a terrific blog that is must-read for any marketer.


27) Rosalind Gardner

6,920 followers, for affiliates

Rosalind has been around affiliate marketing as long as anyone anywhere.


28) Chris Ducker

6,809 followers, for small business marketers or marketing strategists

Chris is a little different than anyone else here, but he’s got a great Google+ page and a lot to teach.


29) Andrea Vahl

6,526 followers, for social media marketers

Andrea is one of the most sought-after social media marketers and speakers.


30) Noah Kagan

5,378 followers, for any marketer, but especially good for email marketers and affiliate marketers

Noah writes a lot about how to build lists. He also gives awesome discounts on cool Internet marketing and content creation tools.


31) Alexis Grant

5,128 followers, for affiliates, any marketer or writers


32) Heidi Cohen

4,932 followers, for any marketer but especially good for content marketers and social media marketers


33) Ramsay Taplin

4,628 followers, for affiliates and bloggers


34) Jeremy Schoemaker “Shoemoney”

4,490 followers, for affiliates

Shoemoney has taught thousands, maybe tens of thousands how to do affiliate marketing.


35) Ian Cleary


Like marketing tools? Then you gotta see Ian’s site, RazorSocial.com.


36) Steve Scott

4,389 followers, for affiliates, bloggers and authors (especially Amazon Kindle authors)


37) Danny Inny

3,989 followers, for marketers who want to build an audience


38) Jamie Turner

3,887 followers, for any marketer


39) James Clear

3,350 followers, for marketers who like productivity tips (and email list building ideas)


40) Brian Dean

3,528 followers, for anyone who wants more traffic

If you want more traffic to your site, Brian Dean’s superb, free, detailed content is just the ticket.


41) Jon Loomer

3,383 followers, for Facebook marketers


42) Kim Roach

3,281 followers, for any marketer


43) Pam Dyer

3,163 followers, for social media marketers


44) Yaro Starak

2,600 followers, for affiliate marketers


45) Darren Rowse/ProBlogger

2,045 followers, for affiliates and anyone who blogs


46) Henneke Duistermaat

1,887 followers, for anyone who writes


47) Barry Feldman

1,835 followers, for content marketers and copywriters


48) Jordie van Rijn

1,398 followers, for email marketers

Jordie writes blog posts for GetResponse at least once a month. He also maintains his own blog at Email Monday.com.


49) Scott Fox

961 followers, for affiliates or other marketers


50) Joanna Wiebe

846 followers, for A/B testing enthusiasts and copywriters

Joanna Wiebe recently wrote the ebook “How to Write Newsletters That Get Opened, Read and Clicked” for GetResponse.



51) Marya Jan

826 followers, for any marketer

Our own Marya Jan writes about email marketing, social media, and anything else a small business owner or solopreneur might need to know about promotion.

Know of anyone I missed? There’s got to be quite a few. Shout out their names in the comments.