9 Excuses That Keep You From Hiring A Business Coach


Have you ever thought about hiring a business coach? If you have, what stopped you from going ahead with this plan? And if you haven’t, what made you do that? I bet there are bunch of reasons you can come up with right now to convince me why hiring a coach is not an option for you. From things like ‘coaches are only for rich people’, ‘only losers hire coaches’ to ‘you don’t really need a coach’, I have heard it all. And in today’s blog post, I am going to bust these myths (excuses) one by one.

Let the fun begin.


#1 Coaches are very expensive

The biggest reason that keep new entrepreneurs from hiring a business coach is also the most common one: the cost. People think that business coaches cost thousands of dollars and they are not totally wrong. However, I am also going to tell you that there are other options available as well.

Firstly, you don’t have to work with elite coaches to begin with. Nobody is asking you to hire Tony Robbins or any other coach who charges ten thousand dollars per month. Like everything else in life, there are coaches available at every price point. Go ahead and look for coaches you can afford. Price is not an indicator of their expertise.

You can find reasonably priced coaches who are extremely good at what they do and they have made a conscious decision to keep their prices affordable because they want to help more people.

On the other hand, some coaches charge a lot because they have built profitable brands, are published authors or simply offer high level expertise you don’t need. If you are struggling to make five thousand dollars per month, you don’t need to hire someone who works with 7-figure businesses and charge accordingly.

My point is fairly simple. You can find a coach to fit your budget. Investing in coaching is an investment in yourself. Just like going to college or a graduate school where you pay thousands of dollars upfront because you know it is an investment, hiring a coach needs to be considered as one too because it is one.


#2 With all the free information, why hire a coach?

Some people are hesitant to hire coaches on principle. They refused to buy any paid programs or ebooks, and they think they can do just fine without hiring a coach. Because there is so much free information available on the Internet that there is no need to hire one.

If you are one of those people, I’d like to challenge you on that. You don’t hire a coach because they give you more information. You don’t hire a coach because they provide you with more content, links or resources. You hire a coach because you need someone to help you go from point A to point B.

All the information in the world is useless if you can’t make sense of it and apply it. Sometimes you don’t know how to do this on your own and you need someone to hold your hand through the process.

You hire a coach because you can get too close to the problem, lose perspective or overly complicate it. This is why brand strategists help their clients nail their brands while they get stuck when it comes to building their own.

You hire a coach because you might be very good at you do but not so good at promoting yourself. This is why career coaches are fantastic at helping their clients find jobs but don’t know how to find clients. This is why because nutritionists are great at helping their clients but find it very hard to articulate what they do and market themselves.

You hire a coach because they keep you accountable, keep you motivated and keep you moving. Let me know the next time you need a critique of your promotional email and how you got Google to do that.


#3 You want to make your own mistakes first

Some business owners who just started are not ready to hire a business coach because they need to make all the mistakes on their own. I am not joking. People refuse to hire a business coach because they have heard that it takes a few years, working really hard in a trenches to build a business. They think they have to pay the price.

They refuse to think about the possibility of a coach reducing the learning curve for them and shorten the building-the-business cycle. They are hell bent upon reinventing the wheel. Deep down they feel that maybe, just maybe, they can do it on their own and don’t need to hire somebody after all.

Yes, it is very much possible and it will take years. Why won’t you take years off, learn from all the mistakes they have made or their clients have made and get to your goal faster? Do yourself a favour and get someone to reduce your sweat equity.


#4 You had a bad experience before

You might be reluctant in hiring a coach because you hired someone before and it wasn’t a good experience. You hired somebody before and they turned out to be nothing like what they promised. You didn’t get the personalized attention, they kept canceling or rescheduling, or worse, you feel like they scammed you. They built up a big hype and you fell for it.

Ouch! That’s not a good place to be in for sure but do not write off coaches just yet. If it didn’t work out before, it doesn’t mean it won’t work the next time. If you want to try again, I highly recommend that you do your homework.

I want you to get in touch with their clients and explore a bit more about their experience. I want to ask people for referrals and not necessarily hire somebody based on their marketing materials alone (they would have hired an experienced copywriter to do that).

Always book in a discovery session to get a sense of what they are like. Make sure you are a great fit and trust your gut. Your intuition is very strong and it will help you make the right decision.

Try not to lock yourself into long contracts. Try working with someone for a couple of months to see how it goes. I am sorry that you had a bad experience previously but with due diligence and research you will find someone who is a perfect fit for you.


#5 You can do it on your own

Are you someone who thinks that people who hire coaches are losers? Do you turn your nose up at someone who works with a coach?

Let me tell you the kind of people who work with coaches. People who are go-getters, smart and ready to invest in themselves because they understand the value. The most successful athletes, sportsmen, entertainers and leaders have their own coaches.

So if you are not giving coaches a chance because of your ego, you are making big mistake. Maybe you grew up in a household where everybody was encouraged to do everything on their own? And I am not saying this is a bad thing. However this becomes an issue when you become too proud or stubborn to accept help.

And what about the things you are not naturally good at? Or the things you are not trained to do or haven’t got any experience in? It would make sense to hire someone to help you who has been through where you are now, isn’t it?

You have skills and strengths. You also have weaknesses and areas which you might want to outsource. Unfortunately, you can’t outsource your business. You are in charge. What you can do is to hire someone to take you to your goals quicker.


#6 You will find time to do this on your own

Some people are not ready to work with a coach because they truly believe if they give it some time, they can make it work. They feel all they need is some time and they are good.

This excuse a relative of I-can-do-it-myself excuse. But the reality is that they never find the time. The only way to find time is to come with a plan to focus. And clearly you don’t have a plan or you would have executed it by now. A coach will help you come up with a plan that works.


#7 You are not ready to hire one

Some people want to hire coaches, they really do. But they don’t hire one now. They keep putting it off. The reason being that they are embarrassed by how (bad) things are. They haven’t told anyone what a hard time they are having. And they certainly aren’t ready to admit this to a coach.

The problem with this approach is that you are not seeing the coach as an ally. You are thinking of them as somebody you need to prove something to. You feel like you need to get good at it first before you can ask for help.

I can understand it but the thing is this is holding you back. In order to move forward, you need to be brave enough to hear and handle the truth. Developing a thicker skin isn’t a bad thing at all.

You don’t need to create systems, your coach will help you do that. You don’t need to perfect everything before you hire somebody. They are going to help you do that. They will be there for you to take the right actions and save you time, effort and tears doing things you don’t even need.


#8 You have your friends to bounce off ideas

You might think because you have friends and family to talk about your business you don’t really need a coach. How’s that working for you?

The thing is that you can’t get the level of expert advice from your friends unless they are in business themselves and further ahead of you. Even them it doesn’t mean they have the experience to guide you. If something worked for them, it might not necessarily work for you.

And when you talk to your friends or family you also run the risk of hearing advice that might actually be harmful to you. When you are feeling down or low and you need to hear some words of encouragement, your friends can’t necessarily give you that. They haven’t been there. They don’t know what to tell you.

And then there are friends or family who love to you bring you down. These are the people who are quick to point out that a very low percentage of businesses actually make it, that the vast majority of them fail within the first year, and that quick to remind you that there hasn’t been any business owners in the family.


#9 You are not ready to do the work

This is something you won’t hear from anyone. Even if they know it deep down, they will never admit it. They will never say it to anyone.

People find it much easier to buy ebooks, webinars, tutorials and online programs but they back off when it comes to investing in a coach. Even if they know how valuable it is to do that. The reason is very simple: they are not 100% committed.

Think about it, why is it easier to buy an inexpensive gym membership than work with a personal trainer. Because you can put away the membership but the personal trainer shows up and make you do the work.

You can’t hold it off once you have invested. You can tell yourself you will do it somebody. You can’t buy the ebook or the ecourse and make a promise to use it someday. You get a coach, you do the work. And as much as it hurts to hear this, if you are not ready to hire one, you are not ready to do the work.


So there you have it

Here is the list of my top excuses I hear people come up with all the time. Some of them are more obvious and easy to spot. Some of them will surprise you. You didn’t even know they existed. Some are quite painful to hear. The question now becomes what are you going to do about this? Did I change your mind at all? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  • yes the 9 exuses i have identified with and I am ready to come to terms with this that I need a coach.

  • S J price

    Totally agree awesome post .we cant neglect the power of someone already experienced in a field leading us.

  • Yes you are right. I do not know why people spent a lot of money in gym membership irrespective of this he/she can hire a personal trainer. They can take care of your fitness training more specifically and that’s all at your home.