A Great Year and a Strong Finish for GetResponse


Another year is coming to a close, and it was great year for us. We’ve accomplished a lot – launched innovative features, travelled the world and lived to see hurricane Irene, welcomed new Team members and new Customers. And it was another year the email continued to live on, even though it had been pronounced dead so many times already. So, let’s take one more look back.



Wonderful people

At GetResponse, every year is busy, and this one was no exception. But hey, we like it that way – it means we’re growing and bringing you more value with our service, and that’s what we’re here for.

We’ve welcomed new Team members – two of whom you’ll already know from our blog: Hanna Andrzejewska and Jim Ducharme. Good times are definitely here for our blog!

Unfortunately, we along with the whole industry have also said our goodbyes to some great people.


Languages of the World

This year we’ve translated the service into several languages – including Spanish, German, French and Brazilian Portuguese – and we’re still working on more! This way we want to make our service more accessible to email marketers from all over the world – and no matter where they are.



Fascinating places

We’ve also visited great industry events – such as ad:tech San Francisco in March, ad:tech New York in November, the Affiliate Summit, AffCon and a whole lot more. Our Team members who visited New York in August were even delayed for a week due to hurricane Irene.


Great new features in GetResponse

Most importantly, we’ve launched a bunch of popular new features (and the end of the year seemed to be especially abundant in those). So let’s stop here for a little review.




GetResponse Image Gallery


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And how much are a thousand pictures worth? Well, quite a lot. And we decided to give it to you, free. 🙂 1000 beautiful email-ready, high-quality pics and graphics from iStock – all free in your account. Have you been using them?



Changes in campaign settings


We all change – and so does our service. The changes in the campaign setting were meant to make email marketing with GetResponse more user-friendly. This began a series of improvements in GetResponse over the course of the year.




QR Codes


We gave you a smart addition to your email marketing efforts – a QR code generator, right inside your GetResponse account – to help you connect your online marketing efforts with the offline world. We’re curious about whether you’re using QR codes. Perhaps you could tell us about your experiences.

We also distributed great QR email marketing ideas in a special whitepaper.




Sharing newsletters on fan pages


Before April, you could automatically share your newsletters in your main Facebook and Twitter profiles. Now you can share them on your fan pages as well – giving you lots more opportunities to reach a wider audience.




Suppression lists


This useful feature enables you to add and manage suppression lists when sending out a newsletter from GetResponse and block entire mailing lists in one easy step. Have you been using it?




GetResponse sign-up forms for Facebook


To make adding a sign up form to your Facebook fan page easier than ever, we’ve created the GetResponse Facebook web form app. Just follow a few simple steps and enjoy more sign ups from your social media channels. This has definitely been one of the most commented feature on our blog – let us know how it’s working for you!


Major upgrade


Apart from the app, June also saw a major software and hardware upgrade that resulted in GetResponse working 20 times faster! Have you noticed this in your everyday email marketing?




Newsletter Directory


Plus we’ve launched a GetResponse newsletter directory, where you can publish hosted versions of your newsletters for free and make them searchable through search engines.




Homepage redesign


This was a very important change for us, making the GetResponse homepage clearer and more inviting. It was the start of our redesign of other elements of our service, including this very blog. 🙂


Deliverability Whitepaper


We published a whitepaper packed with tips on improving deliverability then followed with an infographic a couple of weeks later, in August. (And how has your deliverability been doing this year?)





List Booster


A great new way to automatically import contacts to your campaigns from various email services and social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or Google Docs. How has that been working for you?




Facelift for Facebook web form app


We made our app for adding sign-up forms on Facebook more user-friendly and gave you more styling options.

Note that with the changes Facebook has undergone over the year, (and these could be really huge), you can now also create an iFrame tab for your Facebook fan page, featuring whatever content you want, and add the web form code just as you would on a “regular” website.

Our app just makes it a little bit easier 😉



Subscriber History


October was also the time we added a useful feature to your accounts – subscriber history – enabling you to gather and manage all the information related to your contacts in one place.


As it turned out, we were heading into the most intense two months in terms of release of new features in GetResponse.




Email Intelligence


Revolutionary Email Intelligence – the smartest email analytics for your campaigns – is opening a whole new level of opportunities to learn from your campaigns and make them better with every message you send.



We know that you waited for Email Intelligence for a long time, so we perfected the tool during the beta tests some of you joined – and we’re ever so grateful for your helpful feedback.

The changes also brought about the new dashboard.


GetResponse App Center


We launched the GetResponse App Center – a hub for all our apps and integrations with other services. We also integrated with some important services this year, including Salesforce.

Apart from app integrations, we’ve also made some new strategic partnerships, such as the one with Return Path.


iPhone App


AND we’ve launched the brand new version of the GetResponse iPhone app for easy management of your email campaigns on the go, wherever you are.





Inbox Preview


And with December came another long-awaited development – Inbox Preview, the steaming-hot feature that allows you to preview the design of your messages in various email clients.


We’ll be rolling out Inbox Preview to all existing accounts over the coming weeks, and you can grab it now by buying a new account or upgrading your free account. You’ll see it’s absolutely worth it (and absolutely free). Meanwhile, you can watch the video here – this will get you convinced (if you still need convincing ;))


What’s ahead in 2012

This is a thank-you for all your great support throughout the year. We’re looking forward to another great year with you. And we’ve still got a lot of wonderful things in store!

So, from a GetResponse user’s perspective, which of these proved to be most important? Share your thoughts with us – and have a great New Year’s Eve. 🙂



  • Jim Ducharme

    Amazing post Karolina! Thanks for mentioning me. It’s been increadible this past month with GetResponse and I am excited with what the next year will bring.

    From my POV, our new Email Intelligence analytics tool would be a big highlight. Anything which makes it easier for more email marketers to test is a great leap forward. Testing is so crucial.

    Jim Ducharme

  • Thanks Jim!

    And I agree, Email Intelligence is a great highlight, I’d also add the Inbox Preview that I know our Customers have been waiting for.

    And from my personal perspective – and from the comments I’ve seen on the blog – I also think the integrations with social media we keep adding are also warmly welcomed by our Customers – hope to see even more next year!

    All in all that was a great and intense year. Can’t wait for the new one to come! 🙂