A quick update from DMA:2010 in San Francisco by

As the pre-conference intensives have ended, and the event moves into full swing, I wanted to give you some insights into the first two days of DMA:2010.

To start, I took part in the Email Marketing course at this year’s event. Sessions run by industry experts like Michelle Pelletier of Return Path, Dennis Dayman of Eloqua, and Lisa Harmon of Smith-Harmon, covered many aspects of a successful email campaign.

Here are some of the great topics that were covered:

  • Email Strategy
  • Business Getting and Business Keeping
  • Email is a Conversation
  • Email Creative and Design
  • Deliverability
  • Compliancy and Data Privacy

I will certainly be sharing all this knowledge with you via our blog in the coming days. Great theory like “Market to 1” and design tips including “Preview Pane Pain” will be published soon.

There are more great things coming up at DMA that I will share with you, including Monday’s Keynote Speaker and Celebrity Apprentice Winner, Brett Michaels, and plenty more Email Marketing sessions for me to report back on.

If your attending DMA 2010 or are in San Francisco I would be happy to meet up. I’m here till Thursday! Find me on Twitter @getresponse, send an email to connect@getresponse.com or even call on 607-821-1273.

Until next time,